Q&A: Expert Commentary From Max Smith

question I’ve tried everything from caffeine patches to swimming, but can’t get rid of my cellulite. Is there anything I can do to reduce it?

answer Often the answer really isn’t as complicated as society and the media would have you believe. Cellulite is ultimately just fat, when it comes to burning fat the key isn’t in a pill or spending hours on a treadmill trying to burn a few lbs there and then, the key is to make our bodies more effective at using and  burning fat all day long. Fat is used to power our muscles 24/7, our muscles comprise a huge percentage of our body composition so if you want to drop fat one way to go about it is to focus on firing up every muscle in your body. A lot of the population only use a small proportion of their muscles each day, by spending time working and activating each one we can give that stubborn fat something to do hours after we’ve left the gym. Talk to a trainer about weight training to condition the entire body, performed safely and under guidance weight training is an incredibly effective way to burn fat, that’s without even mentioning the hugely positive effect it has on the production of the ultimate fat burning hormone growth hormone!

Max Smith is a personal trainer at Virgin Active Kensington; www.virginactive.co.uk

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