D&G S/S 12 Milan
D&G S/S 12 Milan

Fashion for Fitness

Coloured shorts and printed jeans: exercise for slimming thighs

Seen at D&G and Holly Fulton – the only way to step into summer this season is in a pair of statement shorts. Work the colour clash trend with a Monica & Joe draped orange top and minimal jewellery from Daisy.

The exercise: Side-lying Inner Thigh Lift

Lying on your side with your head supported by a pillow, plant your top leg on the ground with your knee pointing straight to the ceiling. Stretch your bottom leg out so it is in line with your body and flex your ankle so your toes point back towards you. Then, hover your foot an inch off the ground –  this is your start position. Breathe out and raise your leg as high as you can without twisting your hips and then lower back to the start position, breathing in as you do. Repeat until you can no longer keep your leg in the air and then swap legs. Repeat twice on each side.

Luke Meessmann is a trainer at TenPilates; www.tenpilates.com; info@tenpilates.com; 020 8969 9677

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