Cibdol is paving the way for innovative CBD solutions

CBD is rapidly increasing in popularity across the world and the UK. What makes this substance so special, and how is it different from cannabis? Cibdol is a market leader in the field of CBD and is situated in Switzerland. With their products, they are serving the global market. In this article we will dive into what type of products they offer and how CBD differs from cannabis products. Let’s begin with the latter!

Cannabis versus CBD

Although both products are derived from the cannabis plant, there are major differences between the two. Cannabis is picked from the plant and then dried or processed to become hash. When you want to consume it, most people prefer to smoke it or use a vaporiser. This will not only insert cannabis, but also other harmful substances such as tar. Besides that, you will inhale the psychoactive substance THC. This is undesired as it will influence your behaviour, especially in medical situations.

CBD has benefits but limited downsides

CBD is very different from cannabis, already at the production process. The production process can be done in two different ways, which is: CO2 extraction and chemical extraction. With CO2 extraction, no substances are added to the plant resulting in a clean and natural oil. With chemical extraction, you will add chemicals to the plant and at a later stage filter them out. However, when you filter them out, there will still be small amounts present. These differences in quality are also visible in the pricing of the two products.

Use it in your food and drinks

When you consume CBD, you can use it in your food products or drinks. Simply add a dose and you are ready to go. Cibdol indicates that the different positive effects are endless. For example, it can help you to focus or combat restlessness. But it can also help people to become more relaxed and have a rest after a long and hectic day. This makes CBD a healthy alternative compared to traditional cannabis products. This is also the reason why many countries have legalised its consumption.

Getting the same dose everyday

The downside of adding it to your meals is the measurements. This is why Cibdol looked at developing other types of CBD products. The result of their efforts are the CBD capsules. These can be consumed with water on a daily basis. No more need to measure the intake and you can fit it into your routine with ease. If you are interested in Cibdol CBD capsules, you should experiment to indicate which strength fits your needs before switching to these capsules. Herewith, you can make sure that the product has the expected and promised effect.

Next to oil and capsules there are many other products worth to explore. There are specialised shakes and other types of oil, such as hemp. Always consider why you want to use it when selecting the products you are interested in.

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