The Pure Package

The blurb

Founded in 2003, The Pure Package is a daily pre-prepared meal delivery service that focuses on fresh, healthy food, made by professional chefs and nutrition experts. There are lots of meal plans available based on your personal health goals, including training support; longevity; general healthy eating; pre- and post-natal; vegetarian and vegan; paleo-inspired; brain food; or a custom plan.

New for January, The Pure Package has launched a special Positivity Package, which includes a gratitude journal; a green tea selection from JING; and Newton Wood Epsom salts in addition to the meals. Also, a portion of the proceeds for this new package will go towards the Rethink Mental Illness charity.

The experience

If you want to be healthy but you don’t want to think about it, then this is the meal programme for you. There’s no need to worry about shopping or cooking, and the meals even come with cutlery, so you don’t even need to be concerned with clean-up.

Once you decide on your meal plan, you chose your portion size: small (approximately 1300 calories per day); medium (approximately 1800 calories per day); or large (approximately 2200 calories per day), and your hard work is done. After that, you just wait for your refrigerated bag to be delivered to your house every night (deliveries happen from 11 p.m. to 5 a.m, so you don’t even need to worry about being there to receive it and you also get a text message confirming delivery.) Each refrigerated bag is filled with three perfectly portioned and perfectly nutritious meals and two snacks. Every night you simply leave the empty bag out to be collected.
Along with your daily meal delivery you’re given a new menu that explains the ingredients and their nutritional benefits. You’re also told how to prepare the food: at most, you’ll need to pop dinner in the oven for 10-15 minutes, but there’s no real cooking required.

The food

Day to day and meal to meal, there was plenty of variety. Each meal was packed with fresh vegetables and plenty of colour with a minimum of five portions of fruit and vegs a day. Also, there’s a real focus on sustainability, and only free-range produce, grass-fed meat, and ethically sourced and sustainable fish are included. Also, all packaging is recyclable.

I opted for the paleo-inspired programme and highlights include plaice served with braised celery, Kalamata olives and red pepper sauce and a gorgeous roasted vegetable and buffalo mozzarella salad. Some of the dishes were slightly bland—especially if you’re used to strong flavours like I am, and sometimes I found myself adding some spices to dishes (for example, I added some fiery red pepper flakes to the plaice, as I always appreciate a little heat.) I also absolutely loved the luxurious JING green tea (especially the jasmine pearl flavour) and found that it was really helpful in keeping me satiated between meals, as I choose the small portion. After just a few days of nutritious eating, I already felt a difference.

The details

There are 10, 30, and 90-day programmes available, and prices start from £39.95 per day. Price includes daily deliveries to all postcodes falling within the M25, plus a select few nearby postcodes including: GU25, SL4, SL5 and KT16.

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