The Blurb

Food has been something of a comfort blanket for many of us during the pandemic. It’s unified us, it’s divided us, it’s even brought about a newfound appreciation for the humble banana bread, and of course, wraps – let’s not forget that viral wrap hack. There has also been an undisputed appreciation for delivered food. I don’t just mean your supermarket shop (although, praise be to those), but DIY kits from your favourite restaurants, bundle boxes from your local grocers, and food plan boxes have become something of a go-to for many of us. And why not? We live in a world where fresh, flavoursome food is readily available, where professional chefs can tailor a meal plan for us, and have it sent to our doors within 24 hours. I’ve indulged in the odd DIY kit and certainly bought local produce over the past year. But, like many of my friends and family, I want to maintain a healthy balanced diet and make sure that all this additional sitting around and indulging doesn’t impact my physical wellness. Cue Kurami, a premium food and drink delivery service with one very clear mission: to improve gut health and overall wellbeing. Kurami’s varied menus fuse together ancient ingredients and ground-breaking superfoods, with tailored programmes designed to improve the overall health of their customers. The brand celebrates beauty from within and the medicinal power of food as a concept for its recipes.

Kurami’s in-house nutritionist, Georgine Leung, says: “A healthy gut is made up of a diverse group of microorganisms – a happy balance of which keeps inflammation at bay. It has shown to link to the condition of the skin too. Nourishing your gut means keeping your skin healthy.”

The Experience & The Food

It was a Tuesday morning when my Kurami food one-day meal plan arrived. Beautifully packaged with a signature menu leaflet and booklet included inside, I took a pic before unboxing everything (yes, I’m one of those). Breakfast was Teff pancakes, Kurami yoghurt, seasonal berry compote and nut butter. I’d never tried Teff before, but it turns out this ancient grain makes for densely packed tasty pancakes that had me filled up until lunchtime. The berry compote, yoghurt and nut butter combination hit the flavour mark for me, and I felt suitably satisfied that all elements of a nutritionally balanced breakfast had been catered for.

For lunch, I had zesty courgette and butterbean salad with chicken and a green goddess dressing. Anything with the word ‘zesty’ in its title has me sold, plus I love courgette and butter beans, so this was a winning course. If anything, I maybe would have piled on a bit more dressing, but then I’m a lover of over-saucing things! Overall, it was light enough for lunchtime but hearty enough to keep me satisfied for a while. After lunch, I decided to try the curious blue drink that was included in the plan. Kumari’s Moon Mylks are a blend of anti-inflammatory botanicals and spices, and I was given the Blue Moon option. Although it reminded me of a rather suspicious looking drink they used to serve at my student union (many moons ago), this little bottle of blue delight happened to house some of my favourite things; unsweetened coconut milk, unsweetened almond milk, agave, nutmeg, vanilla and almonds. It was subtle in flavour and velvety in texture – a lovely post-meal option.

To be honest, snacks are my favourite thing. I know, I know, you shouldn’t snack too much etc, etc, but I’m a serial snacker and I’m not ashamed. Don’t get me wrong, I snack on decent things like fruit, nuts and veg, although I am partial to a crisp (sharing bag to myself) occasionally, too. But I just like the idea of ‘what’s next’ when it comes to eating, and they do say little and often, don’t they? With my snack habit in mind, it’s safe to say I’d already eyed up the beetroot and moringa nachos, guacamole and salsa before I’d even taken that box pic, and they were good. It was a small portion, but ​just the right amount for a between-meal pick-me-up and the guacamole was particularly delectable!

The final course of the day plan was a super root laksa with tofu and charred corn. I enjoyed the flavours in this – deep, rich, yet smooth. I’m not usually a massive tofu fan (unless it’s pretty much burnt to a crisp), but it worked here, and the portion size was generous.
All in all, the experience was effortless (just how I like it) and the meal was so thoroughly tailored. I felt healthy, satisfied and intrigued to try more. I suppose it’s the ultimate scenario, really – a professional nutritionist and chef work together to create a menu that suits your taste, your lifestyle and your dietary requirements to promote your gut health and overall wellbeing. And it all tastes damn good. Erm, yes please.

The Details

The Kurami meal plans cost £41 per day for a one-off meal plan, and £39.50 per day for subscriptions. Meal plans can be selected and scheduled online to be delivered to your home or office, by subscription or individually.

Visit the website for further details on meal plans and subscriptions: www.kurami.co.uk

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