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'The name is an abbreviation of ‘the delicatessen of Aziz’'


Mon–Sun 7am–midnight

This small chain is a lot like many of London’s inhabitants—seems exotic and brings influences from over the world, but you can’t really tell where they’re from exactly. On the menu here you will find tabbouleh and dolma, … Read more →

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Yasmeen Restaurant

Open Mon–Sat; Noon–11.30pm and 6.30–11pm; Sunday; Noon – 10.30pm

The blurb

‘​​Yasmeen Restaurant is a newly opened Lebanese restaurant in St John’s Wood. We take pride in our authenticity and our ability to please our customers. Come join us for … Read more →

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'The concept behind Comptoir Libanais is to serve up food that can be enjoyed every day of the week'

Comptoir Libanais

Open daily 8am–8pm

Comptoir Libanais is all about fuss-free and affordable dining. In French it means Lebanese counter and the Chelsea branch is a restaurant-cum-café-cum-delicatessen that is beautifully decorated with a relaxed ambience.

It was unseasonably warm for October on … Read more →

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Maroush Gardens
'Great food at an honest price'

Maroush Gardens

Open daily midday–midnight

The Maroush group, first established over three decades ago, now has more than 10 restaurants across London. But this is no coincidence; Marouf Abouzaki, the man behind the empire, adores his food and is a stickler for … Read more →

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