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Caramel is a high-end diner from Dubai, in London, with an American-inspired menu.

Taking a key influence from each of these locations—extravagance, large portions and pricing—Caramel could (favourably), be compared to a more luxurious TGI Fridays. The whole place is covered in black onyx and marble and oak wood panelling, easily betraying its Middle Eastern origins. In fact, had it been about 20 degrees warmer, you’d basically be in Dubai.

So what’s it like?

One word: indulgent. As most people know, ‘indulgent’ is a marketing term meaning ‘this will make you fat’, which you use when you know that the people eating the food want to pretend it won’t. Said word ‘indulgent’ peppers Caramel’s website and Instagram page as liberally as cheese, batter and calorific sauces coat their dishes.


Make no mistake, this is the kind of menu that would give Joe Wicks a heart attack if he (could) read it, and you a heart attack if you ate there more than twice a week. But everything in moderation, right?

Er…maybe. Picking from the vast menu, we had TNT Battered Shrimp, Petite Beef Sliders (actually not that petite), buffalo-style Chicken Lollipops, Creamed Corn and some fries. This was more than enough for two people, but that didn’t stop us ordering Nutella Gnocchi and Caramel and Pecan Cheesecake, which was pleasantly food-coma inducing. I don’t think I felt ready to eat again for at least 24 hours.

I’m not sure the food would be to everyone’s taste—it’s not fine dining, but instead a refined pig-out—but I can guarantee that you wouldn’t leave hungry. The service was great and there’s a pretty decent wine and cocktail list to choose from as well.

I think you should go, but loosen your belt first and have your Personal Trainer booked in for the next day.

Caramel, 272 Brompton Rd, London SW3 2AW;; 020 7589 0221

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