Brasserie Blanc’s Champagne and Soufflé menu

They Say:

‘Raymond Blanc’s Brasserie Blancs and White Brasserie pubs have launched a new seasonal Champagne & Soufflé menu. Fusing classic French cuisine with the essence of a quintessential English summer day, brand new sweet soufflé flavours have been lovingly crafted, which offer an alternative light afternoon treat. These will be accompanied by a cool, crisp glass of Lanson Champagne, perfect to enjoy on a sunny day. ‘

The Food and Experience

The Champagne and Soufflé menu consists of a generous glass of Lanson Champagne, followed by your choice of three very different soufflés. As we were there to try all three, we went for some nicely seasoned mixed olives and a portion of classic skin on fries to start, because why not?

The first on the official menu was their signature Pistachio soufflé, which had a distinct pistachio flavour – putting any ice cream I’ve ever tried to shame – yet it was still light and creamy. The deep flavours of cocoa around the rim of the dish, mixed with the chocolate ice cream, would go down a treat with any chocolate lover.

The second on the list was the Strawberry Soufflé. I’m not normally a fan of strawberry flavoured dishes but this one surpassed my expectations. This flavour packed such a punch (tangy yet creamy, how is that possible?) and the vanilla ice cream and strawberry coulis that accompanied it was everything you could want from a Wimbledon inspired dessert – not forgetting the palette cleanser of the champagne to wash it down. 

The Apricot, Almond & Amaretto soufflé was an unlikely competitor for my favourite on the menu, but I was sold on the first bite. The amaretto (which in excess can take over a dish) was just the right balance, and the peach and vanilla flavours made it feel like a proper French dessert. It was so satisfying, I was tempted to order a second portion.

Brasserie Blanc has an upmarket yet unpretentious vibe, much like you’d expect from any French brasserie. They also have the most palatable Covid restrictions I’ve seen to date – with stylish glass dividers throughout the spacious floor, and fun little signs suggesting that you sing the chorus of Beyoncé’s ‘Love on top’ to time the washing of your hands, whilst a charming monkey sculpture watches you from the corner of the bathroom.

The Fulham Brach branch is nicely placed by the riverside walk, and there is a mixture of clientele: you could quite as easily feel comfortable there in jeans and a T-shirt as you could in full formal attire.

The Details

The champagne and Soufflé menu is £15 per head.

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