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The Blurb

Balance Box has recently released a new series of perfectly balanced plant-based and vegetarian options to go with their already wide range of rejuvenating, healthy meal plans. The meals are designed by nutritionists in order to give you exactly what you need on a daily basis, and they’re prepared by chefs to ensure that they’re delicious too. I’m here to try the veggie box, which has a selection of plant-based and vegetarian meals.

The Food & The Experience

The package arrives between 10pm and 6am, so if you’re in a block of flats or a gated community, then you’ll have to negotiate an earlier drop-off. Mine arrived at the earliest possible time (hurrah!) in an incredibly large box; luckily, I made space in the fridge in preparation.

You can choose from a meat-eater option, pescatarian, veggie (my choice) and vegan; and they have a lighter plan and a market plan for all, depending on your intake. These two options are based on the calories contained in each day’s meals, but the nutritional balance in each is never compromised, nor, just as importantly, is the taste. Note that the portions are very generous: I chose the market plan but could have easily been happy with the lighter plan.

The breakfasts were a mixture of healthy food dishes – rye bread, smoothie bowls, birchers and mueslis – teamed with the additional of buzzy superfoods. If you’re into your clean eating/plant-based menus, then you’ll know that can’t really go wrong with additions like cashew nut butter, agave syrup and chia seeds. My favourite morning dish was the mixed berry muesli with yoghurt, which tasted exactly like summer pudding; I could have happily had a portion for dessert.

The lunch and dinners were delicious. I was a big fan of the perfectly cooked tofu dish, which is often so hard to get right. The cauliflower and chickpea korma was delightful; spicy, and full of flavour, with a creamy sauce. The teriyaki tempeh was a perfect solution for anyone new to vegetarianism and craving meat, and the soy sauce added to the extra umami flavour. The quinoa mixed in with the brown rice was a great touch (I often find that too much quinoa in a dish can be a little dull). I did have to salt a couple of the meals, but I didn’t mind – it’s better to add salt to taste than it be added for no reason.

I would love to see a veggie/pescatarian option that doesn’t rely so heavily on lactose. I can handle my fill, but the amount included in the breakfasts was a little much for my stomach. In spite of this, what I was most impressed by was the variety of good ingredients in the meals. If you’re going to eat vegan/veggie or generally maintain a healthy gut, you really need to have as varied a diet as possible, and Balance Box lives up to its name by providing the A-Z of vegetables, grains and superfoods to last you all week.

These meals would be perfect for someone with a busy schedule, who perhaps doesn’t have time to cook, but wants to ensure they’re getting the nutrients they need to maintain a healthy lifestyle… without losing out on the pleasure of eating delicious meals, of course.

The Details

There are various options for a Balance Box, the more you order the cheaper it gets, but a lighter plan one-off box for 3 days starts at £98.97 and a subscription works out at just £26.29 per day.

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