Paxton & Whitfield’s Limited-Edition Weekend Cheese Box is available until Thursday 26th August! 

The Paxton & Whitfield Weekend Cheese Box offers customers a ‘surprise selection’, of 800g of the finest artisan cheese to enjoy over the Bank Holiday weekend. The cheeses are in perfectly mature condition and ready-to-eat over the next few days. Only cheeses that Paxton’s cheesemongers have selected as perfect to eat will be included.

Both of these cheese collections feature re-usable ice packs and 100% sheep’s wool insulation for a chilled delivery and a free Paxton & Whitfield gift card; printed with a personal message if the collection is being bought as a gift.

Paxton and Whitfield cheesemongers will select their best, ready-to-eat cheeses for you. These artisan cheeses are in perfectly mature condition; ripe and ready to eat!

You’ll receive an approx. cheese weight of 800g – ideal for a dinner party cheeseboard for 8 people, or a weekend-long cheese feast for 2-4 people!

The cheeses in this box will need to be eaten within a few days of delivery to ensure that you experience them at their optimum flavour and texture. These artisan cheeses are sold at a lower price than their actual value to reflect their readiness to be eaten!

The Weekend Cheese Box is £25.00 and is available to order up to Thursday 26th August.

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