3 new healthy alcoholic drinks that tick all the boxes

DrinkWell Wine Club Subscription, 6 bottles for £60.00

DrinkWell has launched the UK’s first wine club specialising in low calorie, low carb and low sugar wine that does not compromise on taste. DrinkWell is the only wine club to cater for the modern-day drinker with every calorie counted and labelled on their website. DrinkWell empowers the customer to make better choices about the alcohol they drink with bottles to suit every dietary requirement, from vegan, to keto, to organic and fairtrade. You’ll receive 6 cases of wine throughout the year with each case containing 6 bottles of the finest reduced-calorie wines.

View the wine club: www.drinkwelluk.com


Fountain Hard Seltzers 12 Pack of Tart Cherry, Blueberry & Passionfruit, £25

Is anyone after a light, refreshing, all-natural alcoholic drink? Hard seltzer is a chart-topping 5% ABV, sparkling water! The name seltzer comes from the American word for fizzy water. It is just plain, natural water, with bubbles added. The “hard” bit comes from the fact it has been jazzed up with a splash of alcohol. Fountain Hard Seltzer is brewed with a gluten-free fermented alcohol base, a touch of premium all-natural flavours, New York City water and nothing else. With less than 90 calories per can, natural ingredients and 5% ABV, Fountain comes in multiple fresh fruit flavours: Lime, Blueberry, Mango, Passionfruit, Pineapple & Tart.

Available from: www.hellofountain.co.uk

Mogul & Dram – Whisky & Soda Multi Pack, £35.40

Mogul & Dram is a fresh and exciting blend of the finest Scotch Whisky and natural flavourings, which is carbonated to perfection. The cocktails are both refreshing and unique, and you will soon be wondering why you’ve never experienced a taste like this before. With flavours inspired by Japan and the US, this light infusion is a welcome break from the norm.


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