Maze Grill Park Walk to host special Eve of Veal dinner


On 16 May, Maze Grill Park Walk will celebrate welfare-friendly English rose veal with an exclusive menu by Executive Chef Owen Sullivan and Head Chef Ben Waugh that aims to showcase the many ways in which veal can be enjoyed, while educating diners on its ethical values. A veal dish will also be added to the permanent menus at each of Gordon Ramsay’s three Maze Grills from May this year.

Head Chef Ben Waugh says, “We wanted to host the Eve of Veal evening at Maze Grill, part of our Prime Nights Series, to champion the use of British rose veal. The farming practices that come to mind when veal is mentioned were banned in the UK in the 90s. It’s important we talk about veal and get it back on more menus, as it is a by-product of the dairy industry and is often wasted.”

The Eve of Veal menu has been devised by Owen and Ben to showcase the different ways in which veal can be prepared, allowing them to use as many parts of the animal as possible and reduce food waste. With creativity at the heart of the menu, the chefs will employ speciality techniques that will bring an element of theatre to the evening.

The curated four-course dinner menu starts with cocktails and canapés on arrival, followed by a choice of starters including devilled veal sweetbread, veal rump carpaccio, and veal and pistachio pork pie. For mains, expertly cooked prime cuts on the bone, synonymous with Maze Grill restaurants, will sit alongside smoked veal short rib and a veal faggot slider. A sumptuous malted mini milk will be served for dessert. Wine pairing menu is also available.

Gordon Ramsay says, “It is important for the public to be educated on British rose veal to dispel the often-misunderstood view behind its production. I’m proud that we work with the very best suppliers in the UK and I am excited that the team is putting out some amazing veal dishes across the group. The dishes that will be served during an Eve of Veal at Maze Grill will showcase the incredible versatility of veal.”

Passionate advocates of supporting ethically-minded farmers, the Gordon Ramsay Group source rose veal from Gatelands Farm in the Lake District, one of the UK’s most respected family-owned farms, owned by Andrew and Angela Barraclough.

Eve of Veal forms part of the Gordon Ramsay Group’s Prime Nights series, a calendar of one of a kind dinners celebrating different meats, hosted in Maze Grill restaurants, where chefs share their passion and knowledge for prime ingredients and specialist cooking techniques. The Eve of Veal evening​ takes place on the 16 May,the menu is priced at £50 per person with the wine pairing an additional £35 per person.

To make a reservation contact or call 0207 592 1226.

Maze Grill Park Walk, 11 Park Walk, Chelsea, London SW10;

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