Marmite Neglect!

So get this. A couple of months back I was contacted by Marmite (these things happen when you’re a high-flying Editor) saying that they had a big media event in the pipeline and that I should keep my eyes peeled for something out-of-the-ordinary.

Anyway, I was sitting in my dining room this morning eating some toast – just daydreaming out of the window, like you do – when all of a sudden a van came screeching up outside the house next-door with two blokes jumping out of it. A bit unusual I thought, so I went to the window to have a look. Parked by the road was a white van with ‘Marmite Rehoming Unit’ plastered on the side of it and #MarmiteNeglect stamped on the bonnet. The two guys were at my neighbours front door having a pretty serious conversation. I was so confused, what on earth was Marmite up to?

I went outside and managed to catch the Marmite guys before they drove off. “What are you doing?” I asked.

“Ending Marmite Neglect,” they replied. And with that they left.

I headed back to the sofa, log on and it turns out #MarmiteNeglect is everywhere – Twitter, Facebook… the news! I contacted Marmite and they made no bones about highlighting the real need for people to pay more attention to the upkeep of their cupboards. Over three-quarters of the nation (78%) admit they forget what food they’ve got in their cupboards and with one in 10 only cleaning them out every five years plus it’s no surprise why. It is this issue that can lead to cupboard over-crowding and neglect of much-loved products, like Marmite.

So, light dawns. End Marmite Neglect is a movement designed to stop cupboard cruelty and spread the love to all Marmite jars, especially those that have been forgotten and shoved right to the back.

Now, I love Marmite but this didn’t stop me from heading straight into the kitchen and throwing open the cupboard. I smashed marmalade, broke paprika and found him – little Mr Marmite. I unscrewed his lid, took a big long sniff, then I pulled out the bread and started eating! I’ve had two loaves already, and the whole thing only happened an hour ago.

Marmite is searching for deserving families to re-home its jars. So for everyone’s sake, go to your cupboards, run to your larders, take out your jars and spread some of the good stuff. And what’s more, spread the word or nominate mates who can give Marmite a loving home by visiting or join the conversation via #MarmiteNeglect.

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