Four Ideas for Filling a Christmas Gift Hamper

Christmas is approaching with remarkable speed, and if you haven’t already started buying up gifts for you and yours you might find yourself on the verge of a festive shopping panic. But before you lose your mind scrolling for deals and inspiration, why not make life easier and build Christmas hampers for your loved ones? A hamper is a labour of love in and of itself, whatever you deign to put in it – but what could you put in it specifically?

Boozy Treats

Often the best bit of the hamper is hidden at the bottom, under layers of sweets and straw, in the form of clinky bottles containing sloshy, boozy nectar. A bottle of wine is a regular fixture in Christmas hampers, being a near-universally loved festive tipple – a bottle of bubbly lends itself to being shared, while a bottle of red tucked away under the other hamper items could be a bottle for your giftee to enjoy alone.

Of course, wine isn’t to everyone’s tastes, but there is a whole world of tasty alcoholic beverages you can pad out a hamper with. For the craft beer drinker, a sampling of local craft cans (or even a small brewing kit!) could be a great start; for the whisky enthusiast, small bottles of small-batch drams would be extremely well received!

Fun Experiences

In building a hamper, many people make the mistake of thinking that everything included must be edible or drinkable; your hamper could be made all the more unique for the inclusion of experiences as well as tangible gifts.

This proposition is made more budget-friendly if you are able to take advantage of discounts you might have available to you. If you’re an NHS worker you are eligible to redeem a Travelodge discount code, which could go towards a spa weekend away for or even with your giftee. Experience days are also an excellent package option for a no-fuss experiential gift.

Festive Nibbles

Even bearing the above in mind, you can never go far wrong with the inclusion of some apt festive treats for your recipients to tuck into greedily on Christmas Day. Traditional Christmas bakes like stollen, lebkuchen or even a Christmas pudding are great choices, as are indulgent chocolate liqueurs for later in the evening.

Catering to Individual Tastes and Needs

Lastly, though, comes more of a reminder than a suggestion. It is important to understand that different people not only have different tastes, but different needs – needs which can impact the appropriateness of your gift hamper if not properly catered for.

For example, your giftee might be alcohol-free for religious reasons, or giving up alcohol for a pre-planned length of time. In either case, gifting alcoholic beverages or even chocolate liqueurs would be improper. Thankfully, there are myriad alternatives that could fill the same spot, from alcohol-free wines and beers to bougie soft drinks.

More obviously, your giftee might have specific dietary requirements that preclude them from certain food items – whether allergies and intolerances or moral decisions to avoid certain classes of food. Ultimately, when building your hamper it is important to put the giftee first – above and beyond the hamper items you yourself might get excited about!

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