Why you should consider his and hers wedding rings 

You and your fiance will be making a lot of decisions together as the wedding date looms ahead and you both get closer to becoming a married couple. However, one decision you both might not think about is whether you should consider getting matching wedding rings.

Wedding bands are often unique to the people wearing them, but some couples decide to have their wedding rings match in order to symbolize their union. Here’s why you should consider his and hers wedding rings, and some things to think about.

Matching Rings Can Help You Get To Know Your Partner

Whenever you pick out a ring yourself, you only have to listen to yourself when it comes to what you want. However, working with your partner means that you need to take her style into account too, and pick out rings that you will both enjoy wearing. You also want your wedding rings to be a reflection of who you and your partner are.

So talk to your partner and figure out what they want and what they like in a wedding ring because you’ve got a ton of options to pick from. Having to sit down and go through the various wedding rings can be a great learning experience for you and your spouse, plus, it can be nice to have a choice about the wedding where you both have a very strong likelihood of agreeing with one another!

You Can Have Fun With The Rings

Much like friendship bracelets or necklaces that are half a heart each, it can be very lovely to find rings that look like they are two parts of one whole. There are plenty of rings that are like this, where you place them together and they form the missing piece. If you want to signal the strength of your marriage or have rings with extra sentimental value, then you can use this special ring design!

It can be a very fun and symbolic way to show that, even if you are two different and very individualized people, you can still fit together and form something very special. 

You Can Share Small Elements With Your Own Unique Style

If you want to get rings that match one another in theme while still having elements of each person’s individual style, then you can do that too! Sharing small elements in both your rings while still designing them yourselves can signal that you are two unique people who are bound together by the wedding. 

You can have your rings share a colour scheme, a material, a base metal, or a pattern to help bind you both together while also allowing individual personalities to shine through. 

It can also help you show off what made the two of you fall in love in the first place. Maybe you both met while at a hobby or at a special place, and your rings can reflect that. There are plenty of colours, materials, and other items that can be used as symbols for your rings, and they can be a reminder of some of the happiest moments in your lives… how you met, and your wedding day!

Look For Matched Sets, But Different Widths

Sometimes, even if you and your spouse agree on everything and have created the perfect matching wedding bands, they can still look a little off. This is because men have bigger fingers and often wear larger rings that can look overwhelming on a woman’s hand. Additionally, women have smaller fingers and their rings can look a bit too dainty on a man’s hand.

As you are both looking for matching rings, make sure to ask to see your matching rings in different widths or sizes, because that is going to make all the difference. In fact, keep a jeweller or expert on hand for all of this, because they can help.

Remember It Is Up To You Both

Even though considering matching wedding bands is something that can be fun to have as a couple and can help bind you both together, don’t feel like you have to get matching wedding bands. You can get individual wedding bands that have nothing to do with one another and still have a fantastic wedding.

There are no hard and fast rules for wedding bands, so you and your fiancee can do whatever works for you! As long as you are both happy and in love, then that is all that really matters!

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