How to get to the airport: what are the options?

If you’re going on holiday, chances are that you’re going by plane. Flying is convenient and quick, but the journey doesn’t just start at the airport. Instead, it starts with the journey to the airport. Are you going by car, public transport or shuttle? In this article, you’ll find all the different options of transportation to and from the airport.

Going by car

Going by car is the most convenient way of getting to the airport. You’ll be able to pack the car the day before you leave and know exactly how much space is available. If you’re driving, you won’t have to deal with public transportation strikes or delays. However, if you do take your car to the airport, you should figure out where to park ahead of time.

One way to plan is to use airport parking with Parkos. On this website, you’ll find all available parking lots at airports in the US and Canada, and you’ll be able to make a direct reservation. This ensures your parking spot at the airport. Some parking lots even offer a free shuttle to the entrance of the airport.

Another option is to book a park, sleep & fly package. This package includes a night at a hotel, a parking spot while you’re away, and a free shuttle to the airport. Some packages even include a breakfast buffet. This option is especially appealing if you have to drive far to get to the airport, or if you want to be well-rested before your trip. Keep in mind that these packages often have a maximum parking period of two weeks. However, this differs per hotel or per package. Call your hotel for more information about their park, sleep and fly options.

Take a taxi

Taking a taxi is another convenient way of getting to the airport. If you take a taxi or indeed decide to pre-book Puerto Vallarta Airport Transportation (you can of course pre-book for any airport you are travelling to or from), you don’t have to worry about finding a parking spot. However, you do need to make a reservation and make sure that the taxi has enough space for your luggage and the amount of passengers you are travelling with. Sometimes a taxi can be more expensive than driving yourself, as some airports charge taxi drivers a fee for accessing the airport, which the driver will charge you, so it is best to get quotes beforehand to understand the full cost to you. Keep in mind that you also need to make a reservation for your return trip or simply haul a taxi at the airport. Uber offers a reservation service, with which you can make a reservation for a car that will pick you up at a designated pick-up spot.

Take public transportation

Most international airports have excellent public transportation options to and from the airport. The most convenient way to reach the airport is usually by taking the underground. The underground is usually the cheapest and quickest mode of transportation to the airport. Trains leave every few minutes and go from early in the morning until late at night.

Another option is to take an airport bus. These buses are headed to the airport and back all day long, and usually have plenty of storage space for your big suitcase(s). Airport buses conveniently stop right in front of the entrance to the airport. Research airport buses on the Internet to find out if purchasing tickets in advance is required.

Besides the underground and airport buses, it is possible to take a train to most airports. Some trains have the airport as their destination, while others simply pass by. Trains usually have plenty of seats and more space than the bus or the underground. Tickets are usually for purchase at the train station.

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