What to Consider When Designing a Room for Your Child

As your child gets older you’ll begin to consider redesigning their room. What was appropriate when they were a toddler will no longer work so well as they approach their teenage years. But you can turn this into a fun project with plenty of input from your child too. Below, we explore what to consider when designing a room for your child.


The first place to start is where your child’s interests lie. Ideally, you can design the room with a theme relating to one of their favourite things. For instance, if your child is a huge Marvel fan then you can add a mood board with all the different colours and lighting from their favourite movies. Or if your child is into a specific sport then you can help them put up posters or memorabilia relating to their favourite teams or players. Ultimately, by following your child’s interests you can give them a fun, inspiring room design.


The next step is to consider the furnishings in the room. As your child gets older and accumulates more possessions, you’ll need to try and find new space to store everything. A walk in wardrobe is one elegant way of solving this. By installing this storage space you can allow for easy outfit changes as well as providing your child with a fun hiding spot. It’s worth thinking about desk arrangements too. As your child gets older and is given more homework, it’s important that they have a quiet space to work on a laptop in the evening. Plus, you could add a TV in the space for entertainment. Finally, a DIY lampshade could help create an ambient light in the room and offer you and your child a fun, creative project as you redesign the room.


Once you have the furnishings and theme sorted, you can have fun with some accessories. These should be little additions to finish off the room perfectly. This can include wall art, ornaments and stickers with your child having plenty of input on what accessories to go for and where to place them. Again, if you want to go down a superhero front you could help your child put together some Lego features. Or alternatively, you could pick out some figurines for them to enjoy. Ultimately, the accessories should be treasured possessions that make the room feel welcoming.
Designing a room for your child can be a lot of fun. By working together to find the perfect furnishings, theme and accessory you can give your child an exciting room where they can work and play.

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