Interior Design Inspirations From Foreign Places

1. French Country

The French Chic style was trendy in the past years, but it has been overtaken by a new inspiration based on French countryside living. It is a style that focuses more on how life would be when living in a French farmhouse.

It does echo a Bohemian vibe, representing a relaxed, carefree lifestyle than what’s expected of living on a farm. That is why this is a more informal décor theme compared to other trends. Its visual presentation is more of earthy tones used on the walls. The same can be achieved by exposing the stone or brickwork. Deep, warm hues are ideal when accessorizing and you can add texture to the textile you use by going with velvet.

You also should work with vintage furniture and fixtures if you want to create the desired luxury interior design look. You do not have to purchase matching furniture pieces since each item exudes an eclectic vibe. Stone or wooden floor and a patterned carpet or rug is also an excellent choice when going for the French Countryside style.

2. Cool Scandinavian

Scandinavian designs boast of a paired back and understated look, which is why it is among the popular interior design options. But it is not a new trend; it has been around for some time. When you go for the Scandinavian interiors, you will focus on creating something with a chic and sophisticated feel that will stand the test of time.

Moreover, the design should transform a space into a relaxing retreat. Hence, you will need a palate of neutral colours when creating this look. Pitch, canvas white, natural buff, and play greys will be an excellent choice. Bleached wood, pine, ash and wicker wood furniture will be perfect for the Scandinavian interior design.

Soft furnishings made from wool or sheepskin can add warmth to the cool-hued room, and can also serve as accessories. Also, consider layering various textiles to create depth to the Scandinavian theme that exudes a neutral colour scheme.

3. Brazilian Jungle

The Amazon Jungle is stunning, a true wonder of the world boasting of diverse flora and fauna. It is a one-of-a-kind place in the South American continent. The Jungles covers much of Brazil and is an inspiration for different interior designs.

The style is centered on going back to nature and finding ways to incorporate nature into your home. That means it does have lots of green hues, and this will be at the heart of your colour scheme if you want to mimic Amazon’s colour palette. The jungle is every shade of green you can think of, but it also has other colours.

Amazon is home to brightly coloured flowers, birds, and other creatures. So, you also can consider bold botanical hues and prints like on your soft furnishings or feature wall. Stick to natural woods when accessorizing the room, and do the same with the furniture. The Amazon Jungle style is trendy and fun, allowing you to explore different directions and possibilities.

4. Warm Moroccan

Some people design their homes with minimalism in mind, which they implement in the lighting and how they utilise the available space. Others will opt to be creative, exploring what is possible for each room and they make greater use of textures and colours to ensure the overall result is warm, homely, and welcoming. That is what the Moroccan interior décor design is about; a vibrant mix of textures and colours.

For instance, you can opt for jewel tones like deep purple, ruby red, burnt orange, deep greens, gold, and bright blues. Combine them to create interesting contrasts and consider what natural element each colour represents. Like the deep green and bright blue represent the landscape and sea.

The Moroccan style is perfect for renovations projects that focus on starting from scratch instead of repainting and revamping surfaces and features. For instance, you can opt for a stained glass effect on the windows instead of going for the standard glazed panes. Also, play around with the textures if you want to create something intricate. For instance, patterned cushions and throws add depth and texture to the décor while colourful woven drapes and wall handing bring in some pop to how the interior looks and feels.

5. Thai Tropics

Countries on and close to the equator have tropical climates and are prime vacation destinations for many people. Hence, these are places associated with plenty of sunshine, palm trees, and unlimited access to the ocean. You must focus more on prints when you decide to go for the Thai Tropics interior design. That means your walls will have neutral or light colours to allow the prints to stand out.

It will feature botanical themes characterized by palm leaves and brightly coloured flowers that reflect the tropical environment you want. You can do wallpapers with tropical prints on a room’s feature wall. You also can opt for the same prints for your curtains, beddings, throws, and cushions. Consider mixing things up by picking palm leave prints and coloured flowers in different shades and print sizes.

Given how vibrant the Thai Tropics can be, you can take several directions to achieve your goal. It means you can experiment and explore various possibilities to find what works for you. For instance, you take a simplistic approach that combines light shades of green for palm prints and neutral colours for the flowers. You also can take the bolder strategy that embraces lots of bright hues to reflect the vibrancy associated with living the outdoor life of these destinations. Miniature trees and massive potted bushes are an excellent addition to a room because they inject a green touch that embodies the botanical theme synonymous with the Thai Tropics style.

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