What Are The Effects Of A Mattress On Body Health?

Sleeping on a good mattress is as close as we can get to sleeping on the clouds. If you will imagine falling on it after a tiring day, letting it envelop you till you are buried in its arms as you sail through a world, unlike the one we see every day. As you pass through dreamlike states, you look down at yourself and see that you are a healthy, happy person. And when that alarm blares, you wake up as the healthy, happy person you were. That is what a good mattress does to you. It prescribes a nourishing, vitalizing, reinvigorating experience every night where your body and mind wakes up to a better day.

Old mattress issues

An old mattress is more dangerous than it sounds. It is a habitable environment for dust mites that cause allergic reactions. Old mattresses are found to be way heavier than they were at the time of purchase; the heaviness is attributed to the mites, dust and objects that have found their way inside. These mattresses can cause a person to sneeze uncontrollably, get a stuffy nose and itchy skin. A large percentage of people suffer from allergies and the respiratory problems that follow. Due to continuous exposure to mites, the lungs work overtime to combat the reactions and tend to wear out. Bed bugs are another problem in old mattresses, and unfortunately, the mites can take over your home. These bugs can cause itchiness and are difficult to control as they can even find their way into your wardrobe, furniture, and carpets. Eliminating a bed bug situation often needs the intervention of a trained professional.

An old mattress can also feel lumpy. It can cause you to become uncomfortable during the night and lose out on quality sleep. Without adequate support, you might tend to face back aches that can carry on through the day. Old mattresses can disrupt your sleeping patterns and sap your energy right out.

Inadequate support

Sometimes even fairly new memory foam mattresses can fail in providing the support you need. Your body is not a straight line. There are curves and contours. As you lie down, no matter your sleeping position, you exert pressure on certain parts of your body. Most back sleepers tend to exert pressure on the back, whereas, side sleepers tend to feel pressure on their hips. A good mattress needs to support these pressure points by contouring to the curvature and providing adequate support.

People tend to believe fluffy mattresses that sink in are comfortable. However, this is far from the truth. These mattresses provide no support to the body especially causing shoulder pain while sleeping. The most comfortable mattress is often firm to a degree, provides support and at the same time be soft and plush. These mattresses align the spine and prevent any back issues. It also provides great relief for people who suffer from backaches.


As people sleep, their bodies tend to run hot. This tends to create a humid environment and can stir you up from sleep. The humidity would also cause mold and fungus in the mattress. People would sleep on the mattress every night without knowledge of the festering mould problem. This is why people need to spend adequate time and research to find the perfect mattress. Some of the symptoms of being in contact with mould would include dizziness, sneezing, irritation in the eyes, rashes and headaches.

Heat was one of the biggest complaints against memory foam. However, with innovative steps, breathable covers and cooling technology allowed manufacturers to beat this problem. These materials would absorb and dissipate the moisture. The cooling covers would help regulate body temperature and create a cool environment for sleep.

Sleep Deprivation

This is a very common issue among children and adults alike. Sleep deprivation can be caused by a variety of internal and external factors. One of the main culprits is often a bad mattress. Some sleep deprivation effects include lack of energy, depression, obesity, memory loss, weakened immune system, higher risk of cardiac issues and diabetes. However, sleep deprivation can be overcome with better sleeping habits.

By making small changes to lifestyle, diet and with the creation of a more relaxing sleeping environment, you can force your body to follow a rigid sleep schedule. These could be including exercise in your daily regimen, avoiding caffeinated food and beverages, removing screens from your bedroom and including a comfortable mattress to fall asleep in.


Many mattresses are doused in chemicals that can slowly leak over time. These chemicals are hazardous to one’s health but are found in many commercial mattresses. The use of boric acid, benzene, isocyanates, antimony, formaldehyde, flame retardant chemicals and dyes is rampant in the mattress manufacturing sector. People inhale these gases while they sleep and can face dangerous side effects.

It is important for buyers to ask for mattresses that are certified safe. There are also organic mattresses available in the market today that are eco-friendly and made from all-natural materials. You can also invest time into redecorating your bedroom to make it more warm and comfortable. Rugs are the perfect addition, provided you find the perfect size for your room. A rug size guide can be a handy tool to do so.

We have seen the various effects mattresses have on one’s health. People often spew adages like ‘You can sleep when you are dead’. However, studies have proven the destructive effects lack of sleep causes on the mind and body. In various animal studies, lack of sleep has also resulted in death. Therefore, it is safe to say that you need an adequate amount of sleep every night to function optimally.

A lot of people can benefit greatly from being educated about sleeping patterns and behaviors. It can encourage people to build better sleeping routines and rituals. It can also motivate people to seek out specialists and request treatment if they have trouble falling or staying asleep. This type of proactive behaviors often has a long-term positive effect on health. It also persuades people to invest in products that contribute to a relaxing environment and fosters good sleep.

Innovation is constantly in progress to build products and services that create a better life for users. The health and satisfaction of customers is the top priority for most brands. As they strive to increase standards of living through technological advancements, it is up to us to make the right choices. You can start with the product you spend one-third of your life on.

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