UK Car Hire Made Easy: How to Save Money and Get More Value with These 6 Secrets

The United Kingdom is a business and tourist hub that attracts thousands of people every year. No matter the reason that brought you here, this is a great opportunity to go out there and explore its sophisticated cities and its pretty towns and villages. You can do that like a local just by hiring a car. It’s time to let the myth that UK car hire is expensive die by shedding some light on the secrets that can save you money.

Secret 1: Compare Prices

This is the secret to any kind of purchase, but you have to know that it applies to UK car hire as well. Your life will become so much easier once you discover price comparison websites. For hiring a car, you can visit websites like Holiday Cars, where you can not only compare the most affordable car hire options but also safely book and pay for your final choice online. Information about car features and hire policies are clearly stated so as not to worry about hidden fees.

Secret 2: Look for Discounts

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get a discount on an already affordable car hire? Thanks to online promotion and special offers, this is possible. A simple Google search can present you with promotional codes or limited offers. All you have to do is take advantage of them! If you have a specific car hire company that you trust, it wouldn’t hurt to visit their website from time to time in case they have any promotional plans in place.

Secret 3: Join A Loyalty Scheme

Continuing from the logic that there is a car hire firm that you support, you should check if they offer a loyalty scheme. If they do, you can participate in it and take advantage of the privileges they offer to their loyal customers. These privileges usually include discounted prices and upgrades. These kinds of schemes usually do not require subscription or fees from the participants.

Secret 4: Be Aware of Potential Charges

You should carefully read the terms and conditions for hiring a car in the UK so that you know what (not) to do to avoid additional fees. Simple things like allowing another person to drive the hire car, dropping off the vehicle late or exceeding a set mileage limit may lead to extra charges.

Secret 5: Review the Insurance Options

Insurance is a great investment as you never know what might happen. Having said that, you should be clever and pick an insurance package that suits you. A basic coverage is included in the car hire price. Learn what this insurance type covers, and consider paying for another package only if you are not satisfied with it.

Secret 6: Inspect the Car At Pick-Up

If you have caused any damages to your hire car, you will have to pay for them. It is wise to not only inspect but also take videos of the car at the moment of pick-up so that you are not blamed later for a damage that you haven’t actually caused.

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