Top Photo Instagram Tips When Visiting Saudi Arabia

Travel is a tonic for the soul and satisfies our constant thirst for adventure. But as much as we enjoy our travels, they are fleeting. As much time as we spend planning and anticipating our getaways, it can feel as though they come and go in the blink of an eye. Fortunately, the photos will last a lifetime. And with picture sharing platforms like Instagram growing increasingly popular among adventure-hungry travellers, you not only get to relive your travels, you get to share them with the world.

If you plan to visit Saudi Arabia this year, you have a wealth of stunning and prestigious venues from which you can take Insta-worthy snaps that will be the envy of all your followers. Whether you’re a travel blogger trying to make a name for yourself or just someone who loves sharing photos of their overseas adventures, here are some top photo tips for when you’re visiting Saudi Arabia.

Try and catch a prestigious event

Being able to capture some of Saudi Arabia’s natural wonders or architectural marvels is great. But if you can snap a prestigious event, so much the better. And this year, one of the highlights of the sporting calendar promises to yield a bunch of Instraffic opportunities.

The first-ever Saudi Cup promises to be the world’s richest horse race with an incredible total value of $20 million USD. Of this $10 million will go to the lucky winner and the top 5 jockeys will all get 7 figure paydays. What’s more, the crown prince HRH Prince Bandar bin Khalid Al Faisal will be in attendance.

A lover of horses whose great-grandfather King Abdulaziz was one of the last military generals in the world to go into battle on horseback, his highness is also chairman of the Jockey Club of Saudi Arabia. This looks likely to be one of the biggest and most prestigious events of the year and is well worth catching if you can.

Climb Jabal Sawda for the best view in the kingdom

Saudi Arabia has more than its fair share of stunning natural wonders. Still, if you want to wow your followers with the best view on the kingdom, you might need to work on your cardio.

Jabal Sawda, which lies on the edge of the Asir region of Abha city, is the highest point in the entire kingdom at 3,000m. At its peak, you’ll find the small village of Al Souda which is a well-known tourist hub and a great place to stop, take in the view and maybe grab a bite to eat before heading back down.

Share the “edge of the world” with your followers

Another great Insta-opportunity for those with a head for heights, the Tuwaiq Escarpment cuts through the sandstone of central Arabia and is known locally as the “edge of the world”.

Its spartan majesty has to be seen to be believed, and while its system of canyons may take some navigating it’s a sure way to achieve universal acclaim in the online travel community.

Enjoy a picnic by the Yanbu Lake

Pictures of yourself enjoying some sumptuous cuisine are likely a staple of your Insta-feed. But you can do better than finding the nearest Starbucks and photographing your flat white. For perhaps the world’s most enviable picnic views take a snap by the stunningly picturesque Yanbu Lake in the Al Madinah province.

See the wondrous mountain city of Ta’if

Want to combine the wonders of architecture with the equally stunning architecture of nature? Visit the incredible mountain city of Ta’if which is elevated over 1,800 metres above ground level and located in the religiously important Mecca province. The city has stood for thousands of years and is known for its natural wonders including its stunning Rose Festival which is held every March.

Think about others’ privacy laws before you snap

In a world of “photobombers”, we tend not to think twice about the people who find themselves in our Insta-snaps. Still, it’s worth remembering that Saudi Arabia has some of the most stringent cyber privacy laws in the world and if you upload a photo of someone to the internet without their permission it can carry serious penalties.

Dress modestly and respectfully

You may be keen to show off your tan to your following, but spare a thought for local traditions and customs before you set off on your snap-happy adventures. While women are no longer expected to wear the traditional abaya in public, modest and sensible dress is greatly appreciated.

Stick with those tips and you’ll have everything you need to compose shots that will be the envy of your following.

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