Mother’s Day Gifts For That Special Someone

Mother’s day is traditionally a day to celebrate family and the bond between female family members. In this era of blended families, it’s not just your mum that is a significant female role model in your life. Here are some simple, low-cost Mother’s Day ideas for those people who are like a mum to you, and who have a special place in your life.


If there’s anyone that knows your parents’ darkest secrets, it’s your grandmother! She has been there since the beginning and seen at least one of your parents make the same mistakes as you are about to make. She is there for sleepovers, cuddles, baking, fun. She adores you, you adore her – but you might be just a tiny bit scared of her! This trinket pot lets her know, every day, how much you treasure your grandmother.


Whether auntie by blood, or a godmother, or your mum’s (or dad’s) BFF, the auntie/  niece or nephew bond is a strong one. The auntie is someone to be there when you can’t, or won’t, confide in your mum. They’re your spare mum, your conscience, your confidante. You never know how much you need them until that day when you don’t know where to go or who to call.

Celebrate the aunties in your life with a special Mother’s Day mention – something as simple as a card, or personalised mug will be enough to convey just how much they mean to you.


The stepparent is the unsung hero in any relationship. They have to give up their lives and home for another child, yet they don’t actually get a say. They have to impose rules enforced by either their partner or their partner’s ex – and which they don’t necessarily agree with.

They have to wipe eyes, noses and even bottoms of children that, although they may love dearly, they didn’t necessarily want at this time in their life. And they do all this, like any parent, with limited thanks and no expectation of reward, other than the odd kiss, cuddle or glimmer of gratitude.

If you have a stepmother, don’t take her for granted; she is trying much harder than you will ever know. Bring her a cup of tea or give her a card – you’ll make her day.


There is no bond quite like the one between sisters. Whether you have squabbled with, partied with, laughed with, argued with or supported each other over the years, nothing can remove the fact that you grew up together.

At some point in the years that have passed or the years to come, you will have offered each other parental advice and support. If your sister is single parenting or if she loves your children like her own, tell her how much she means to you and your family with a precious Mother’s Day gift. A nice bottle of wine or box of chocolates should do the trick!

The world is changing and our roles are constantly evolving. Where once there were clear-cut divisions between men and women, as well as different generations, now we are all pitching in together more, all feeling our way to see who does what, and how we can all work together as individuals.

So, don’t forget the “real” mums in your life on Mother’s Day, but equally, take a minute or two to celebrate the strong, inspirational, loving women who helped to contribute to the person that you are today. Sometimes, just telling them is enough.

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