Top Trends in Interior Lighting for 2018

Top Trends in Interior Lighting for 2018

Light isn’t something we necessarily focus a lot on when it comes to interior design, but it plays an absolutely crucial part in our daily lives, especially in relation to our homes. It’s easy to overlook – until something breaks, that is – and then it’s all we can think about. So if we’re going to assume that lights are indeed essential for all of us, what are the biggest trends that we’re seeing so far this year?

Retro lighting is back in

Let’s be real, when did anything retro really go out? The key is to be aware of which trends have found their way back “in” and finding innovative ways to then welcome them seamlessly into your home. One of the biggest ones of the year is retro wall lights, such as those found at, taking on often industrial themes with chromatic colours or even blacks to create a certain “vibe”. The website in question understands different lighting needs to suit current trends, which is why they’re ideal for vintage lighting needs such as these, having strived to understand the industry since 1999.

Art deco from the early 1900s is also incredibly in fashion as well. Think giant chandeliers, bespoke designs and fixtures which wouldn’t look out of place in a Great Gatsby remake. Vintage neon signs are also back in a major way with new technology providing consumers with the opportunity to design their own personalized neon lights from the comfort of their own homes.

Energy and the environment are both a key focus

Environmental concerns are nothing new, but in 2018, we’re caring about this in whole new ways. Energy saving is no longer something which is separate from design – you can care about both and have it both ways. When lighting accounts for 15% of your household bills, it’s something that you need to think about. Selecting the right bulbs is really important – we especially love LEDs. But there may be other solutions, which leads us on to…

Smart technology is taking off in a big way

A few years ago, telling our lights what to do with our voices or the touch of a button seemed like some sort of utopian pipe dream. This not only makes our lives easier – because we can include lighting with our other smart technology courtesy of products like Google Home – but it’s actually amazing for the environment as well.
Imagine you’re going away on holiday, or you realise that you’ll be late back from work. Instead of worrying about the rising bills because you’ve left the lights (or any other kind of home essentials like heat) on, you can control the devices these days without even being in the home.
Plus, when you are in the home, you can talk to your lights and tell them to do everything from turn off to dim. Don’t tell us that’s not incredibly cool.

Colour is more important than ever

Finally, the colour of your lighting choices can make a big difference to the room’s overall mood. Many people prefer the white tones of LEDs when compared to the more yellow tones of a compact fluorescent light – or CFL – instead. Many people actually say that white lights help to improve how they feel and keep them focused when they’re working or studying.

When it comes to lights, we’ve literally needed them since electricity was invented. But that doesn’t mean you can’t keep on top of them – and their uses and aesthetics – in a way that suits the era that we’re in.

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