How to create your own at-home girls’ afternoon tea

Afternoon tea is one of the most popular options for those dining out. Typically taken to be a formal event, this elegant meal is usually served up in a traditional way with tiered tea stands. However, with many London eateries offering the meal at a steep price — with the best ones costing as much as £60 per person, according to Business Insider — there’s never been a better time to gather the girls and make your own unique version.

To help you, we’ve rounded up our top tips for creating the perfect at-home afternoon tea. Read on to find out more.

Pick a theme

A theme is a great way to make your afternoon tea more personal, so whether you opt for a girls’ film favourite or go all-out British, you can have plenty of fun thinking this up.

This can help you to set a successful food and drink menu, as well as dictating what decorations you’ll need — just make sure you choose a doable theme!

Put a twist on the food

While afternoon tea usually features carefully placed towers of assorted sandwiches, scones and cakes, don’t hesitate to experiment and put your own spin on these classic favourites.

Get inventive and try mixing it up with sweet bakes that incorporate your favourite spirits into them, like this gin and tonic cake bar recipe from Belling, to add an impressive spin on the traditional sponge cake.

You could also include a few current lunchtime favourites, like these BBC GoodFood mini salt beef bagels, so you can make your afternoon tea unique!

Go modern with your drinks

Not everybody likes tea, so have other drinks on offer to ensure everyone is able to join in with the fun! Put a twist on the classic cuppa with this Earl Grey martini recipe from Olive Magazine. A gin-based, tea-infused cocktail, it will add creativity while remaining British.

However, be sure to provide a range of alcohol-free options as well. Sparkling juices like Shloer or elderflower cordial will lend the luxury element that afternoon tea is so famous for.

Mix up the venue

Add some variety with some al-fresco dining in the garden if it’s a nice day or head to the living room for finger foods and a good chick flick. Wherever you pick, just be sure it’s suitable for your choice of food: colourful liquids and messy foods won’t complement your living room carpet!

Afternoon tea is a phenomenon enjoyed by many. So, be sure to use our tips to create your own at-home girls’ version — it’s bound to go down a treat!

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