The all new Nexus 7 Super Phone

After years of charging my blackberry day and night, and of friends scrabbling around my house to find a port to charge their iPhone, I’d love a phone that held its own, battery and all.

Enter the all new Nexus 7, with its massive high res display and 32GB of storage this is my new favourite toy.

I could only take fairly rubbish pictures on my old phone, eventually so much so its media card died a death, leaving me unable to take any pictures on the go at all.

As a travel writer pictures are of foremost importance, but where my digital camera used to do the job…


It’s another piece of technology on the kilter.

Looking for a new phone I weighed up several options, pros and cons, until I considered the Nexus 7 – with its amazing camera I don’t even need to update my digital camera. One more gift crossed off my Christmas list, leaving space for a new handbag to carry my Nexus 7. I might even ask Santa for some Nexus 7 accessories!

With its tablet computer screen, I can discard my boyfriend’s iPad, and its Android operating system means there’s an App for everything. I can watch TV, old and new films, listen to music and play games on its super-charged memory. Developed by Google and available from Carphone Warehouse, even the technophobe in me is sold on its intuitive set up.

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