Christmas Shopping with Fab

Christmas Shopping with Fab

I’m always stuck for time and inspiration before Christmas. One minute we’re enjoying a summer BBQ, the next everyone’s roasting chestnuts and drinking mulled wine. Christmas creeps up, and I can’t remember any of the gorgeous little gift ideas I thought I had. With limited weekends to scour the streets for a magical boutique with everything under one roof, I turned to the internet. I was hoping to find more inspiration online – luckily, I found a design-led site called Fab with really varied and great gift ideas. They sell everything from vibrators to beehives. Buzzing.

Anyhow, among their selection I found a Chalk It To Me hand-cast ceramic red piggy bank with a cork snout, £37. As well as being attractive, the piggy doubles as a black (red?) board so you can leave motivational reminders to leave your rainy day fund alone, or, menacing threats to anyone who doesn’t.

For my trendy Hoxton friends, I found the 8.47am Watch, £15. Goodness knows why it’s called that (must be a trendy thing), but its retro sepia rabbit watch-face contrasts beautifully with the black rubber strap. Simplicity incarnate, this watch is both stylish, practical and idiot-proof.

For my teenage cousin I found the perfect sterling silver Baby Skull Earrings, £30. Not only will they make her the coolest kid at school, the silver won’t induce the cheap jewellery rash so familiar from my teenage years. These earrings are actually rather stylish, their minimal detailing and brushed silver finish make them more subversive chic than full-blown Goth.

Finally for my old parents there’s the perfect Milton Glaser Dylan Reproduction Poster, £39. An authorised copy of the poster included in the 1967 Greatest Hits Album, this is a real piece of design history for the aesthetically minded music lover.

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