Places for Art Lovers in London that Can Ignite Their Inner Artist

London – when you hear the name of this city, the first thing that might come to your mind is the London Eye. And then your mind starts wandering to the lush gardens of Buckingham Palace or pointed tops of St. Paul’s Cathedral. But people mostly forget that London is also home to thriving art and culture. This twinkling city’s nightlife might hold a charm, but this place’s love for art also gushes in its streets that you can find in various art galleries that are spread everywhere.
So if you are an art lover or have a thing for artistic depictions, London will not disappoint you. Here are given top places you should visit to quench your thirst of art:

Tate Modern

Tate Modern museum is heaven for modern and contemporary art maniacs. It was opened in 2000, and since then, it has become one of the most popular places for art freaks. This place showcases the artwork of various contemporary renowned artists worldwide so that you can find the taste of different regions and nationalities in one place. This place annually embraces around 5 million visitors and that itself is proof that this place is a ‘must’ in your London visit bucket-list.

Visit an Art Fair

London tries to keep its love for art in a state of a stir by organizing different art fairs throughout the year. For instance, the month of October is going to see the festivity of the Frieze art fairs in Regent’s Park, which is one of a kind experience for art seekers. Don’t worry if you are not planning to visit London in October. No matter which month you are planning to visit London, you can find the art festival of your choice there through that tells you about different art fairs happening in different regions of the world. So whenever you visit London, keep a check of an art fair because it is too waste of money to come back without experiencing a signature London Art Fair.

William Morris’s Home

In case you don’t know, William Morris is considered as a pioneer of reviving the traditional British textile industry. But Mr. Morris was more than just a textile designer. He had a soul that was drenched with love for art and culture. And you can find glimpses of this love in the home of William Morris that has now turned into a public place as it contains a gallery where artistic souls can wander to find the hidden meaning behind the intricate work of Morris.

National Portrait Gallery

If you are into portraits and caricatures of famous people, the National Portrait Gallery is the place to go. From Kings, Queens, pop stars, Prime Ministers, artists, and criminals, you will find here everyone enjoying their years of fame even after their death.

So while you are planning to go to London, don’t forget to add these places in your bucket list because they are worth giving a try. Even if you have nothing to do with the arts, these places will still make a sweet corner in your heart for the arts.

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