Matchmaking App With 80% Success Rate Launching in West London

How many dates have you been on in the last year? How many painful break-ups have you been through? We’ve all experienced that promising beginning — the shared hobbies, the good sense of humour and so forth — but more often than not we’ve also all experienced the pain of it coming crashing down when we get to know who they actually are.

This is an all-too-familiar theme in all of our lives. It doesn’t matter which dating app you use, they’re all the same: mediocre with no attempt of actually finding out who you are. But that’s the point: they are dating apps — not matchmaking apps.

This is one of the many reasons why Blind Cupid is truly revolutionary. Unlike all other apps that merely give you access to other people, which act as a ‘do it yourself’ tool at best, Blind Cupid is a personal matchmaker in your pocket with an 80% success rate. Let me emphasise this: 80% of its test users found their long-term partners as a result of its algorithms.

After five years of expert led research into how to ascertain who any one individual is, Blind Cupid’s CEO, Alexander Flint Mitchell, is launching the revolutionary app exclusively in Kensington and Chelsea.

New users of Blind Cupid will complete an extremely well developed questionnaire which enables the app’s algorithms to decipher how you think (not what you think). The questions are very interesting and fun to answer and they don’t take long to complete. The key point here is that mere agreement on an issue, however important it may be, does not indicate compatibility. Think about it: you could hold any number of opinions for any number of reasons and often those reasons can be at odds.

After this, the extent of Blind Cupid’s disruption of the dating scene is made even clearer: you literally talk to the app. The brand new AI that Blind Cupid is developing analyses your speech patterns for the purpose of detecting potential conflict amongst its users.

How often have you heard someone say “it’s not what they said, it’s how they said it”? And how many times have you fallen out with someone, perhaps a lover, for that reason?

Blind Cupid matches its users based on their philosophy in life and their communication style. Compare that to the ten dating apps on your phone and you’ll see why Blind Cupid is the epitome of revolutionary. Stop wasting your time, money and effort on apps that are less than what you deserve.

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