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Should London follow in Paris’ footsteps? Banning older vehicles from the road

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London’s new Mayor Sadiq Khan has chosen to make an early stand on air pollution in the capital. He recently unveiled a radical raft of measures to crack down on the issue, including a headline-grabbing ‘T-charge’. The £10 toxicity levy will apply to any vehicle… Read more →

Festivals in figures

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With the UK festival season now well and truly underway, creative design and manufacture company Scruffy Dog Ltd (scruffydogltd.com)—who design themes and construct sets for large scale events—have created a fascinating infographic showing… Read more →

Are you buying toe-riffically good fitting shoes?

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For many of us a new pair of shoes can make us feel like a million dollars, but after a while new shoe blues can kick in… causing blisters, sore soles and corns to say the least! Cuxson Gerrard surveyed 60 podiatrists and found that 65% said they commonly advise their… Read more →

Refresh and recharge your office

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Office workers spend as much as five years of their working lives sitting behind a desk. It’s easy to figure out that’s a lot of time being inactive. With most office workers sedentary at their desks for up to nine hours or more every day, it’s vital … Read more →

London house prices: are they as expensive as we think?

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The average house price in London has now reached more than £600,000 and is continuing to rise. LSL Property Services, which released the figures, says this means prices in the capital have almost doubled since 2009. The new average—£600,625—marks… Read more →

The diamonds buying guide: how to spot a fake

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It’s important, when purchasing a piece of diamond jewellery such as a necklace, or when choosing from the different types of wedding ring such as classic or diamond set, that you select the right one and that the stone isn’t a fake. Of course, if you are buying from… Read more →

Five ways to generate extra cash

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You don’t have to be chained to your office desk 24/7 in order to earn money. In fact, with some clever thought to the way you’re using your free time and the things you already own, you could generate some extra cash in no time. Here are five ways of doing just that…… Read more →

The Unwritten Rules Of Gift Giving

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When it comes to gift giving there are a few unwritten rules, but do you know what they all are? Well, unfortunately, being ‘unwritten’ they are rarely acknowledged or discussed and therefore they can often be interpreted slightly differently. But… Read more →
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Renovating Your Home? How To Keep Tidy & Organised!

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Renovating your home is a huge project. It’s expensive and also incredibly stressful, regardless of whether you’re doing it yourself or are hiring someone to do the hard work for you. The majority of this stress is going to come from the fact that your house is going… Read more →

Home security for older relatives: seven ways to help them feel safe and secure in their homes

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As people become older, many have problems with mobility and ill health and worry that their lack of agility could lead to increased vulnerability. With careful planning and adequate home security measures, there’s no reason why your elderly relative can’t… Read more →