What To Expect From A Private GP Appointment

A GP acts as the first port of call when it comes to healthcare services. They see patients for a range of different issues and from there will go on to refer them to specialists if required. Seeing a GP is commonplace, and often they are seen simply for a general health check up.

In recent times, public GP services have come under immense pressure, with waiting times for appointments skyrocketing. For this reason, we’re seeing more and more people turn to private GP services for the benefits it can offer them. Let’s take a look at why you should consider seeing a private GP and what you can expect from a private GP appointment.

Why See A Private GP? 

There can be many benefits to seeing a private GP when compared to a public service. The most obvious one is the shorter waiting times. The NHS is in a state of turmoil; many people are having to wait several weeks to be seen by their GP. This has led to many people turning to private healthcare to access GP services, and they expect same-day appointments as a result.

A private GP can offer you a more individualised level of care. Your appointment will not feel rushed, and you will be encouraged to take your time and explain any issues you have in detail. As they deal with fewer patients, private GPs will have the time and the capacity to examine your case in detail and develop a highly personalised action plan as you move forward.

Let’s say you have to book in to see a private GP in London, what can you expect from the service? Let’s find out.

An Initial Consultation  

The first thing your new private GP will do is schedule an initial consultation. This will be done to get a general overview of your overall health and to get an idea of what you are looking for from your GP service. If you have any underlying medical conditions then this will be discussed during this initial consultation. Your GP may order some general tests to be done during this consultation. This can help aid them in building your health profile and assist them in your future care.

A Collaborative Approach

Many people can feel apprehensive about moving from public to private healthcare. You might expect this to be a complex process given the need to transfer records and data. However, in reality your private GP will work collaboratively with the NHS. They will be given access to your medical records when needed and will be given information on the history of your treatment. Information will be constantly shared between the public and private sector to ensure you are receiving the very best possible care.


There is a wide range of benefits to seeing a private GP. You will face much shorter waiting times than you would in public services, and you can expect a more personal level of care.

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