If England Won the Euros, How Would We Celebrate?

The Euros are coming up and this feels like our best chance to win an international trophy since 1966. Over the last few years, we could all feel the tide changing as our team got better and the excitement around the nation grew as we came closer to winning trophies at each tournament. The nation is getting excited about the upcoming summer, going to the pub with your mates and sitting in the beer garden and hopefully watching England win a major tournament for once. Looking at the team that we could start and the teams we could face, we have a good chance of winning and if we do win, how would we go about celebrating? Would we do a parade around London? Or Move around?

How Do We Win It?

Our chances of winning depend on Southgate entirely, generally, the nation is very set on how the team should be set up. The nation’s main issue is having too many good players, which is a great issue to have. Personally, the team I want to see may seem controversial but I’d like the midfield three to be Declan Rice, Jude Bellingham and Phil Foden. I think these three give us the best odds for the Euros and puts our two best players as the main focus of the team. This is the main point of contention in the squad because our two best players both play as attacking midfielders, so who do we play there? 

I would put Foden as the higher midfield but I do understand why some people would play Bellingham higher as Foden can play on either wing and is more versatile. The reason I would prefer Jude Bellingham lower in the midfield is because the position in between the highest midfielder and Declan Rice as the DM is our weakest position and having Bellingham there and Foiden higher up plays makes our weakest position one of our strongest and gets a different player on the wing, like Cole Palmer. Like I said earlier, our winning chances depend on Southgate and as long as we get a good slice of luck and stay motivated, we could be having one of the best summers in recent memory.

How Would We Celebrate?

The overall excitement that would swarm, a very drunk UK, after the final whistle of the Euros is blown and we are crowned champions would be electric. I think the night of the win would be a very messy ordeal, nearly everyone in the nation would be out celebrating and getting a little worse for wear, and then after the initial party would come a nationwide hangover. The FA would instantly start planning how we would celebrate and the route of our, likely, open bus parade. The obvious answer is just doing an open bus parade around London as it is the biggest city in England and the Capital. London is also the home of England’s stadium and one of the hubs for football around the world. 

Some cities may feel hard done by for not being able to celebrate with the players, Manchester being a good example because a lot of the players who play for England play in Manchester. Could FA accommodate this or will they just do Trafalgar Square like England Women did when they won the Euros? I expect England to do an Open Bus parade around London and they will have cameras to show it on BBC so the fans who can’t be there can still feel a part of the team and moment. One thing that I can see England doing is similar to Manchester City’s treble parade from last season, where the players microphones and allow them to talk to the fans, sing songs and be themselves with no worries over PR because this is what fans want to see from their favourite players.

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