How To Try A New Look After Moving To London

Moving to a city like London is a transformative experience that goes beyond new sights and sounds, it can mean a fresh start for your personal style too. Renowned as a global fashion capital, London’s streets are a live runway, exhibiting a broad range of styles from the classic to the avant-garde. Embracing the sartorial energy of the city can be a fun, adventurous, and empowering journey. Here’s how you can try a new look after relocating to the Big Smoke.

Explore and Embrace London’s Fashion Culture

London is a city where fashion is both history and future. The museums, boutiques, and streets echo a strong fashion heritage while simultaneously forecasting the next trends. Start by immersing yourself in the city’s fashion culture. The Victoria and Albert Museum is a perfect start, showcasing more than 14,000 outfits dating from 1600 to the present. This will give you a feel of how fashion has evolved in this city.

Venture out and explore high street brands in Oxford Street or luxury labels in Mayfair, then veer off to Shoreditch’s quirky boutiques for some eclectic, indie vibes. Understanding the contrast and fusion of styles across different boroughs will give you a spectrum of inspiration to define your new look.

Join the Sustainable Fashion Revolution

In the past decade, London has become a hub for sustainable fashion, with many Londoners opting for second-hand or upcycled clothing. Don’t be surprised if your colleague’s trendy blazer was a thrift shop find! From vintage markets like Portobello Road and Camden to charity shops and clothes swapping events, you have numerous eco-friendly options to revamp your wardrobe without breaking the bank. It’s not just about saving money, but also the planet.

Express Your Personality

Now, with all the inspiration around you, think about who you want to be in this new city. Are you a modern professional who’s polished yet stylish, or do you lean towards the eccentric, bohemian vibes of Camden Town?

Your clothes are an extension of your personality and should make you feel confident. This is your chance to reinvent yourself or, alternatively, enhance aspects of your personal style you’ve always loved. You should also ensure you are shopping smart. This means using saving sites such as SuperSales for the brands you want. You can use their site to find a Nike sale across 91 different web shops, which helps you get the footwear you need for your new look in London!

Get Inspired by Local Fashion Icons

London has been home to many fashion icons, from Twiggy and David Bowie to Kate Moss and Alexa Chung. You can draw inspiration from these style mavens or contemporary influencers who reflect London’s eclectic fashion sense. Look at their clothing choices, how they accessorise, and how they mix and match items. The aim isn’t to copy, but to gather ideas and inspirations for your own unique look.

Moving to London is an exciting journey, full of opportunities for personal growth and transformation. So, why not embrace the change fully and revamp your style? After all, a new chapter of your life deserves a new look. In the end, it’s all about feeling confident and comfortable in your skin and your attire. Remember, fashion should be fun – so start experimenting and let London’s dynamic energy inspire your personal style evolution!

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