How To Choose A Mattress For Side Sleepers 2022

Sleep is essential for our health, but it can be immensely affected by the position that you sleep in. It can become especially bad if you don’t have the right mattress for the position either. It can be hard to know what type of mattress is right for you as there are so many options out there, that they can all seem right, even if they’re not. For instance, a front sleeper will need a firm mattress that supports their pelvic area and neck. This is completely different to someone who sleeps on their side. So, if you’re a side sleeper, keep reading and find out how you can easily choose the best mattress for you in 2022!

Type Of Mattress

The best mattress for side sleepers has often been said to be a memory foam one. This is because memory foam moulds to the curves of your body rather than keeping your body in a stiff side position. When sleeping on your side, you want to ensure that there’s no pressure being put on any of your joints so having a memory foam mattress can help with this. If you don’t fancy having a pure memory foam mattress, you could go for a hybrid one that combines the comfy foam with other things like latex. If you’re going for a hybrid one, memory foam should still be one of the components of it as it helps promote healthy and comfortable rest for side sleepers. Going for a latex and memory foam mattress gives you the benefits of breathable material and it also helps to keep your body aligned while laying on your side.

Level Of Firmness

The level of firmness also plays a vital role in the quality of your sleep, especially when you’re a side sleeper. When you lay on your side, you put pressure on the entire right or left side of your body. If you have a mattress that’s too firm, you can easily put too much strain on this part of your body and cause you pain. Ideally, you should opt for a softer mattress as this will cushion your body and alleviate any pressure on your joints. When sleeping on your side, you’ll typically feel pressure on your hips, shoulders, and even your knees. This is because your body will start to sink into that side sleeping position, but with the wrong mattress it can be detrimental to your body in the long term. You may not notice it right away, but after a short time, you’ll soon find that you wake up feeling achy and sore.

Another factor to consider is your body weight. While a softer mattress can work for lighter side sleepers, the more you weigh, the firmer your mattress needs to be. This is because the more weight that’s being put on a mattress, the more it needs to resist and support. So, just because you’re a side sleeper, don’t assume that you can go for the softest mattress available.


Side sleepers take up a lot less room than other types of sleepers, especially those who like to sleep in a starfish position. However, don’t be fooled into buying a single bed just because you think you won’t need the room. During the night you may move around and change positions, so you want to feel free enough to do so without restrictions. Opting for a slightly larger mattress gives you the choice to sleep however you want and feel comfortable throughout the night.

Consider Your Body Temperature

If you sleep on your side, you may find that you get hotter than other people. This is because you’re in a more closed position which generates more body heat, so it might be worth thinking about mattresses with a cooling gel. These can feel cool to the touch, or they can be activated by you laying on them. Both types are fantastic at keeping you cool during the night. Memory foam also tends to be a warmer type of mattress due to its density, and if you find them comfier for your side sleeping, then you may want to go for one with a lovely cooling gel on top.

Being a side sleeper comes with many benefits as it’s thought to be the least harmful sleeping position. However, if you don’t have the right mattress, that can quickly change. Don’t spend another year wishing you were comfier at night and treat yourself to the ideal mattress for side sleepers. Your body will soon thank you!

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