How the Convenience of Scratchcards has Made them So Popular

Ever since scratchcards arrived in the UK in 1995, they have been a common addition to counters in supermarkets and off-license shops. But what is it about them that appeals so much to the general public? The truth is, scratchcards can add a little bit of extra fun to your day as they are really simple to use and convenient to buy.

The Convenience of Traditional Scratchcards

There’s something about the instant gratification of scratchcards – whether it’s a win or just the satisfaction of scratching off the foil – that makes them stand out as a convenient option. Today, scratchcards are even more accessible because of the online variations including the bingo scratch card format. Online versions of scratchcards have been able to bring the concept to people’s pockets and have made them even more accessible and convenient in the process.

Traditional scratchcards are still incredibly popular amongst the public today and stories such as this pub manager winning the jackpot are not completely unheard of. Incredibly, the manager of the Railway Tavern in South London was able to win £250,000 after buying two scratchcards whilst he was at the shop to restock on lemons for his pub. Scratchcards have been such a hit with people because they are so easy to obtain as they go about their daily lives. The combination of their convenience whilst being a quick source of entertainment has continued to keep them popular.

Scratchcards appeal to people of all different backgrounds and part of the appeal is that anyone can be a winner. Over the Christmas period, a social worker from Glasgow won £300,000 on a scratchcard and then spent time over the holiday giving back and delivering gifts to the vulnerable. This all stemmed from the decision to pick up a ‘wee scratchy’, as the winner called them!

As mentioned, both physical scratchcards and online variations of scratchcards have gathered interest due to their simplicity and convenience. Similarly, bingo is another form of entertainment that has managed to maintain its popularity due to its convenience.

Bingo has adapted from being a game always played in a set location to one that can be accessed from anywhere at any time. Like scratchcards, bingo has made a transition into the online world which has made the game more convenient than ever to play. Classic bingo can be played online through mobile, where players can drop into live lobbies and cross off numbers on a grid just like they would in normal bingo. There are also various bingo formats, in addition to bingo scratchcards, that are quick and easy to play. Bingo slots, jackpots and slingo are just some of the variations that have grown the game into the convenient source of entertainment it is today.

As is the case with games such as bingo, the easy access and convenience of these entertainment sources are what makes them appealing to people. The same can be said for scratchcards as the traditional physical cards can be bought from a variety of different places, and there is now growing access to online versions of them.

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