Five Bedroom Redesign Rules You Want to Stick To

If your bedroom has needed a refresh for a while, you may have started planning its redesign (at least in your head!). However, bedrooms aren’t like any other room in your home.

Your bedroom has a very specific function, and therefore, its redesign should be carefully thought-out. Here are five bedroom redesign rules that will ensure your new bedroom design will be both beautiful and fit for its purpose – relaxation.

Use a Subtle Colour Scheme

The color scheme you choose for your new bedroom is probably the most important decision you will make in its whole redesign. This is because the colors of the room (and, most importantly, the walls) will set the tone for the whole design.

To emulate relaxation, neutral colors such as stone and taupe are a great choice. You can add colors (blue is thought to be particularly relaxing), but it’s best to keep them muted. Dark neutrals can be a particularly relaxing choice as they can create a cozy, cave-like atmosphere, and using them on the walls makes for a unique design choice.

Add Window Coverings

The last rule was from a design standpoint, but this one is purely practical. Some kind of window covering is essential for blocking out unwanted light and turning your bedroom into a private place for dressing.

Window coverings come in all styles and colors, and they are particularly important if your window is near a street light or if the morning sun wakes you up too early. Adding blackout blinds to your redesign may be a good idea if the light is interrupting your sleep.

Prioritise Comfort

Whatever your budget, it’s a good idea to spend a decent portion of it on things that will bring you comfort. For example, indulging in great quality bed linens if you are replacing your old ones is always a good decision.

Perhaps most important, however, is the mattress. If you truly want your new bedroom to be more calming, investing in a new, high-quality mattress is the way to go. You can browse the best options in 2020 at Best Mattress Brand to find the perfect mattress for you and your relaxing redesign.

Layer Your Lighting

Another essential rule for bedroom redesign is layering your lighting according to the different activities you will be carrying out in your bedroom.

You should have a bright, over-head light for activities like getting dressed, a dim level of lighting (achieved with a lamp or dimmer light) for relaxing before sleep, and the aforementioned ability to create total darkness for sleep. You may also want to add a mid-level of light for winding down.

Add Textiles and Texture

If you want your bedroom redesign to be cozy and inviting, the textiles and textures you add will be essential. A soft blanket draped at the foot of the bed and plenty of pillows of cushions are bound to make the room feel cozy and safe. Use throw pillows with soft textures like faux fur to not only add interest to the room, but make your bed a compelling place to relax.

However, be careful not to overcomplicate the design. At the end of the day, this is a room primarily for sleeping. Stick to your color scheme, and only add as many items as you will use. If you add too many, you’ll just end up discarding cushions on the floor every night and making a mess.

Design trends come and go, but these steadfast rules will ensure that your bedroom redesign provides you with a cosy, relaxing space. If you choose and stick to a soft color scheme, invest in a new, comfy mattress, add appropriate window coverings and lighting, and accessorize with soft textiles, your new bedroom will be worth every penny spent.


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