Ariane Eva Morin nominated Volunteer of The Year 2020 by Inspire Women Awards

The Inspire Women Awards celebrate the huge wealth of outstanding contributions women have made. Now in its sixth year, 2020 The Inspire Women Awards event will play host to heads of industry, community leaders, politicians, entrepreneurs and other well-known figures from private and voluntary sectors. It will take place on the 27th of June 2020.

Ariane is the Director of CCJM Consulting Ltd, a startup/small business consultancy firm based in Brentford that helps ambitious entrepreneurs and small business owners start and grow their small business and achieve their business goals step by step with online courses and services. She is also the founder of The Gaia Network, Women in Business not-for-profit local association and Foundation Wellbeing Trust, a registered small local charity focusing on mental & physical Wellbeing in the local community.

Ariane Eva Morin says: “I am so proud to be nominated and recognised for my contribution in my community. The Gaia Network and Foundation Wellbeing Trust hold a very important part in my life. I truly believe in lifting up my community by giving a platform to meet up, network, learn and support one another in growing and becoming the best possible version of oneself.”

The Inspire Awards not only recognise the achievements of women in the community but also enables award winners to grow and share their experiences with others in the community. Each award winner will be expected to commit a few hours of their time to one of the chosen charities, culminating in 100 hours of service to the region. This additional aspect of the Awards maximizes its inspiration and commitment to the community like no other Awards process.

Ariane’s message is: “Together we can lift one another. It is so beautiful to see the community getting involved and helping in that process too! Truly a transformational community process. I truly believe that together we can make a huge difference in our community.”

About Ariane Eva Morin: Ariane believes that you don’t need to be the loudest person in the room to make an impact; you just need to be effective and truly make a positive difference in people’s lives. Have a grand vision, a business strategy, and a business action plan, be focused, be patient surround yourself with the right people and follow your Passion! You simply cannot go wrong!

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