Five Attractions to Visit in West London on a Bike

West London has numerous destinations to visit and wander around. It is rich in architectural gems, parks, rivers, gardens, scenery, and canals. Cycling these routes on a brilliant city bike can be a fascinating experience. It is imperative to keep an eye out for the sharp turns on the roads to minimise the possibility of meeting with a road accident.

For most cyclists, West London has the pick of the bunch. It is a viable option, especially if you happen to be a tourist in your home city and desire discovering things that you have never seen before.

Enough said! Now it’s time to get on your bike and try these trails in and around West London.


Ealing can be the best place to ride around on your bicycle. The most popular Ealing Studios, home of Classic comedy films of 1940’s and 1950’s is still a potent and attractive building with the endorsement laurel logo. It can, however, be discovered just off the Ealing Green. At the North West border of the Ealing Green, there is Pitzhanger Manor, an A Grade home designed by John Soane back in 1800 with iconic columns and statues. The museum has Walpole Park to its adjacent which is an exotic place to visit as a traveller. Fountains and ornamental lake are other aspects to savour.

The cycle path takes you across the active road UxBridge Road, via Castlebar Hill through the Pitshanger Park and the Ealing Golf course towards the crooked River Bent.


Towards the North Brent in the west London, you will see the 12th Century St Mary’s Church, which is at present used for classical music shows that is more often than not liberal. The weatherboard tower is scarcely visible from the road, which makes this sightseeing more exotic. The Hoover Building in the north is the outstanding lesson of Art Deco fashion of great poets. The restored exteriors can be watched safely from the south of Hoover Building. This place can be wandered either by walk or by a bike ride.​

Osterley Park & House

After driving through a few miles towards the south, through Southall and Greenford, you will catch a glimpse of Osterley Park which leads to the back gate. The park is a free ride lane, and cycling here is not just free of cost but also permissible. Cycling can be a great ride in Osterley, but you actually have to be careful about the speed dips and turns.

It is strongly recommended that while you have great fun, you should head towards the River Crane at a slow and steady pace.


When you cycle through the Grand Union Canal at the Black Horse Pub heading west across the factories and warehouses of Greenford, you will get a load of narrow boats. Working around the canal, you will shortly arrive at the awe-inspiring wonder of the Middle West.

The Northala Fields is the new park, which was inaugurated in the year 2008. Surmounting the spoil here has kept millions of miles and has helped to create four conical mounds, a ride which both children and adults can enjoy alike.

Bushy Park

This park offers an astonishing enclosed space for bikers with woodland, ponds, planted gardens, and natural grasslands. Bushy Park is the second largest Royal Park in the whole of London. You can see the pack of red and yellow deer roaming freely. Biking here can be an exhilarating experience. While running, you will visit the Chestnut Avenue – the Diana Fountain in between the enormous round pond and the recently made Baroque water garden as well. When you leave the Hampton Wick Gate, don’t forget to check out the Timothy Bennet memorial.

So, as you can see, there are some fantastic destinations to visit in West London as a cyclist. To make the experience a more rewarding one on your journey, we suggest that you should also carry your food and drinks to have a munching-crunching ride.

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