7 Top Tips to Revamp Your Bathroom

Turning your bathroom from dull to luxurious needn’t to be hard. All it takes are some good ideas, styling savvy and an understanding of what makes you feel pampered and special. Whether you have a generous renovation budget or just need some simple ideas to elevate your current bathroom style, here are seven items that will turn your bathroom into an oasis of luxury.

1. Candles

Have you seen the array of candles available on the market today? It can be overwhelming trying to choose the perfect shape, size, scent, etc. that will work for your bathroom. A simple candle shopping trip can become stressful unless you know what to look for. Before you hit the shops, decide on the purpose for the candle or candles in the first place.

Scent – Obviously, unpleasant odours occur in the bathroom sometimes. Even though you may be purchasing candles for their scent, remember that less is more when it comes to confined spaces. Leave the heavy scents like musk on the shelf and opt for green tea, ocean breeze or other light scents. Another idea is to adopt mint or citrus, which are clean and refreshing scents. When it comes to bath time, there is nothing more relaxing than a soak with the scent of lavender or vanilla.

Décor – Complimenting your neutral palette with a pop of colour is easy by choosing a coordinated set of candles. Go for sculpted versions in shapes that compliment your décor such as seashells, fruits or animals. Create a beautiful arrangement of candles in different heights on a mirrored tray or in a straw basket on the vanity to add interest. Find a rustic piece of driftwood or a large seashell to display your candle collection.

Atmosphere – There is nothing like a collection of candles to infuse your luxurious bathroom with a relaxing atmosphere or add a touch of romance. The flickering, soft glow of the flames instantly inspires calm and luxury. Go ahead and surround your bathtub with as many soothing candle flames as you desire.

2. Copper Fixtures

Nothing adds warmth and interest to a ho-hum bathroom like copper fixtures. Bathroom fixtures go in and out of style just like anything else, but copper has proven to be an enduring trend. Copper works very well with neutral, earth toned colour schemes and is a great choice for upgrading your bathroom.

In addition, copper has natural anti-microbial properties that make it the perfect choice for the bathroom. For an instant upgrade, change out nickel or chrome taps and fixtures for a beautiful set of copper and coordinate your accessories to match. Alternatively, you can go all out and drop in a new copper bathroom sink with a hammered finish.

3. Whirlpool Bath

Nothing creates a feeling of luxury in the bathroom quite like a whirlpool bath, which is a surprisingly easy addition to elevate your existing bathroom.

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The ultimate in luxury, a whirlpool bath features jets that pump air into the water for a relaxing, massage-like sensation that soothes tired muscles and wipes away the cares and stress of the day. Look for models that allow you to immerse yourself completely, thanks to built-in seating. Water heating options extend your soaking time and built-in coloured lighting creates ambiance and further enhances the total spa experience.

4. Rugs

Attention to details makes a difference when turning your bathroom into a luxury retreat, and the rug or rugs you use to compliment the space are an important one. Some people feel that bath rugs are stepped on after a bath and should be changed regularly, and therefore can be neutral and plain.

Other people use a well-placed rug as the focal point of the room and are willing to spend a bit more. No matter which side you fall on, the first step in choosing a rug is to make sure it will fit in the space, so measure carefully. In fact, create a template using large paper to mimic the size of rug you are looking for before you buy. Be open to deciding on the style and colour, which may compliment or contrast your decor or add a new interest in the space.

5. Wood Flooring

Flooring in the bathroom can be a tough choice. Carpet is far from practical while vinyl is far from luxurious. The trend for hardwood flooring throughout the home can be extended to the bathroom, but will it stand up to water and humidity?

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While the answer is yes, to a certain degree, those with high-traffic bathrooms and large families may want to look at engineered wood to give the same luxurious finish to their bathrooms with a better resistance to water. Porcelain and ceramic tiles with a wood-like finish are available and may be the best choice. Available in many styles and colours, wood-look ceramic tile can be the answer for high-traffic, family bathrooms.

6. Ventilation

Today’s intelligent ventilation fans go beyond the old school, ceiling mount light and fan combos. Designed with energy saving features and almost silent operation, these new-style ventilation processors are equipped with built-in humidistats that adjust the fan operation automatically.

Typical models are stainless steel and wall mounted, adding to the decor and feel of the bathroom in an unobtrusive yet interesting way. They even feature colour-changing options that can add to the ambiance while you soak away in the whirlpool bathtub.

7. Fluffy Towels and Heated Rail

Topping off the five-star spa experience in your luxury bathroom are your new towels, which can provide indulgence as well as style. There is nothing like coming out of a long, luxurious whirlpool bath to a warm, fluffy towel, so upgrade your linens when you upgrade your bathroom. It is definitely worth it to spend more on towels so that they are a long-lasting part of the enjoyment of your bathroom.

Choose thick, fluffy, soft towels that give you a cosy feel. Make sure the towels you choose are Egyptian or Turkish cotton for durability and absorbency. From the largest bath sheets down to dainty face cloths, the sizes you purchase will depend on your daily needs. Of course, patterns and colours that please you and compliment your decor are the wisest move.

Add a heated towel rail to your luxury bathroom, which keep towels deliciously warm and dry, which is indulgent and practical. Heated towel rails are available in a wide variety of sizes and finishes that will work in any bathroom. Some models even come with handy storage shelves and other accessories that add to the luxury of you bathroom.

Create haven of luxury right in your own bathroom by incorporating one of these luxury items. From a new whirlpool bath to fluffy towels and soft rugs, you can create an ideal retreat in your own home. Happy relaxing!

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