Espresso Yourself: World’s Love for Coffee Revealed in Food Day Study

There’s almost no person in the world who can imagine starting a day without coffee. It’s also an excuse for many to hang out with friends. Black coffee, for instance, has many science-based health benefits, so we’ll focus on it in this article.

Coffee, in general, is the most popular day celebrating food and drinks in the world. That’s what Betway’s scoring system based on adding the values of Instagram posts to UK and US search volumes showed. Looking at this unique ranking, you can see that National Coffee Day leads World’s Top Food Days with 611,414 points.

Last year, there was new research saying that the largest consumers of black coffee in the world are Finns, who drink about 10 to 12 kg of coffee per capita on average in a year. For Finns, black coffee is usually drunk all day, every day, and coffee breaks are required by most labour unions. The most popular coffee in Finland is the unfiltered, light coffee that the Finns brew and prepare in the way that’s prepared as perhaps the most famous black coffee in the world – Turkish coffee: ready-ground, powdered, poured into water to the boil in a pot.

In second place (according to world statistics) is another Scandinavian nation. Norwegians drink almost 9.48 kg per year (per person). For Norwegians, black coffee is usually served at breakfast and after dessert. Norwegians also like to invite people especially for coffee, served with cakes and pastries. The average Norwegian drinks almost 2 cups of coffee a day.

Then comes Ireland whose citizens are in position No.3, drinking almost 9 kg of coffee a year. On average, its citizens drink 5 cups of coffee a day.

Denmark is ranked 4th in terms of coffee drinking at the national level. They generally drink about 8.7 kg of coffee per person in a year or about 1.5 cups of coffee a day (1.46 to be precise). Like other Scandinavians, coffee is traditionally served in Denmark at every meal and becomes a central focus during special occasions, served with cookies and small sandwiches. The Danes also rank high ​according to one other coffee-related statistics – they have the 6th most expensive coffee in the world, so each of those 1.5 cups of coffee cost them fairly – $ 5.14.

After Danish people, 5th place is occupied by the Dutch who drink 8.4 kg per capita. In 1616, the Dutch were the first Europeans to get live coffee trees, which a cloth merchant Pieter van der Broecke brought from the city of Mocha (Arabic: al- Makhā) in Yemen. On average, Dutch drink 1.84 cups of coffee a day.

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