Celebrating Milestones On A Superyacht Charter: How To Plan Your Special Event

You have a big event on the horizon – be it your wedding anniversary, your son or daughter’s 21st birthday, or perhaps your move into retirement – and you want to celebrate in style, going bigger than ever before. But how to do it? Sure, you could book out a bar or restaurant and throw a big party, but that’ll only last one night – this event deserves more than that. You could go more extravagant and whisk your closest friends and family away to a villa, but this limits you to only one location.

Imagine cruising between all of your favourite sun-soaked destinations with all of your favourite people, plus a dedicated crew to attend to your every desire. Celebrating milestones is done best on a superyacht charter, the ultimate way of making life’s big events feel extra-special. If you haven’t organised one before, or you need some help planning a charter for this particular occasion, read our guide below for our top tips.

Celebrating milestones should be done in style: here’s how

Start planning a year in advance

A year may seem a long way out to start planning, but perfection takes time, and if you are prepared to put the hours in we promise that you’ll be rewarded. Even a superyacht charter for a typical holiday takes a few months to plan, nevermind when you are celebrating a milestone! So start thinking early, leaving you more time to finalise those all-important details.

Decide on the type of yacht you want

Do you want to have an active celebration holiday, try something new and learn a skill for life? Then you might want to consider a sailing yacht charter. Do you want to sip Champagne and soak up the sun while celebrating your milestone? Then a motor yacht is probably for you. Either way, you’ll be making memories that last a lifetime, but it’s important to think about what you want from your experience, as the type of yacht you choose will impact this.

You’ll also want to start putting together your guest list, which will inform how big your yacht needs to be. Charter yachts have strict regulations about how many people can be on board while the vessel is cruising, so you’ll want to make sure your yacht has space for everyone who counts.

This is where it gets fun – you can start thinking about the luxurious features you might like to have onboard, such as a hot tub, a stocked wine cellar or even a cinema room. With so many superyachts out there, there’s sure to be one that has everything you want. It’s your celebration, so treat yourself!

Decide on your cruising area

Before you approach a superyacht charter broker, do some of your own research to get a rough idea of where you’d like to go and what you want from your experience. Think about your favourite places in the world. The time of year your special event falls in will impact where you can go – yacht season in the Mediterranean runs from April through to October, while in the Caribbean it stretches from December through to May – but beyond that, the world is your oyster. Once you have decided on a general area, your charter broker will be able to narrow it down and build up your dream itinerary.

Remember to consider what type of food and wine is available when selecting your region. For example, if you’d like to feast on delicious fresh pasta dishes on your special occasion then a cruise on the Italian Riviera is a good choice. Of course, chefs on a superyacht charter can whip up cuisines from all over the world, but there is nothing quite like eating the native food of your destination.

Use a charter broker that you trust

Once you’ve done your initial thinking, it’s time to choose your charter broker. It’s so important to find one you trust, as you will be relying on them to sort out every detail of your joyous vacation. They can help you plan celebratory dinners, sophisticated soirees, romantic day trips and more. Look for a broker agency that has lots of experience planning charters in your desired region, as one as well with plenty of recommendations for helping people celebrate their milestones. A good charter broker will understand the importance of getting every little detail right. From here, your broker will help you plan the rest of your celebratory superyacht charter. We hope this has inspired to go bigger than ever before with your next milestone!

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