Esports and gaming events in London 2024

London has hosted several events at various landmarks across the city, ranging from food festivals to fashion shows. As the summer draws to a close, there are still more events being held, many of which are for sports and gaming enthusiasts.

Some of these esports and gaming events are annual traditions, ensuring people are anticipating the next event and looking forward to cheering for their favourite teams. With all of this in place, London’s sports scene is thriving and moving in a good direction, as these events cater to the love of sports and gaming among UK residents.

Are you also an esports and gaming lover that wants to stay updated on events this year? In this article, we’ll talk about the major esports and gaming events held in London for 2024 and those that are still to come.

Gaming events


EGX London

EGX is one of the most anticipated gaming events in the UK, and guess what? It’s back again! This event brings together gamers to explore different games and have unlimited fun. The best part of this event is the games that will be played there. It has been hinted that there will be games that have never been played before, along with a mix of classic games that will interest the fans. In addition, developers of these games will be present there.

EGX teamed up with MCM Comic Con to hold their events at ExCel London for three days on 25-27 October 2024. The aim of their collaboration is to bring pop culture and gaming together for more elevated fun for fans.

PG Connect London

Pocket Gamers Connect is a global conference that is organized to shed more light on mobile, PC, AI and XR games in the world today. This event has speakers who have spent many years in the gaming industry, including game developers, game designers and some of the top gaming investors.

Pocket Gamer has played many roles in the gaming industry, providing news and reviews about many famous games that are played on mobile devices. Mobile gaming has experienced a huge boom over the last few years with more and more developers pivoting towards the platform. While traditional mobile games are leading the charge, an understated sector is iGaming, which has shown 6.20% annual growth and is projecting 281.3 million users by 2029. Established mobile casino operators have attributed this to the ease of access and convenience offered by mobile gaming.

The last event was held on 22-23 January 2024 with over 2,500 attendees. This event also allows for networking and making friends with people who share similar interests.

London Anime and Gaming Con

This is one of the biggest Japanese gaming events that happens in London every year. A combination of anime, pop culture, cosplay and gaming are brought together to create fun for anime gaming enthusiasts.

People travel from near and far to sell their merchandise, play in game tournaments, cosplay as their favourite anime characters and get the chance to meet some of their favourite YouTubers.

The event will be held for two days, from 31 August to 1 September 2024, at the Novotel London West in Hammersmith.

Esports events


Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS)


As one of the longest running gaming events that has been held in the UK since 2016, this event brings together the best Rocket League Players in the world to play games and compete in esports tournaments.

There are huge prizes to be won by the participants. The winner gets to take the second major trophy of 2024, a money prize pool of over $200,000 and RLCS Points that automatically secures them a spot at the Rocket League World Championship. Aside from the competition, people also find it enjoyable to participate in and they keep coming back for more fun.

The RCLS event is held at different times throughout the year. The Rocket League Championship Series was held at Copper Box Arena from 20-23 June 2024. The next event will be the Rocket League World Championship, which will be held in September.

There are many things to look out for because each event has something new that keeps participants and viewers glued to their seats.

Blast Premier Spring Final 2024

Blast Premier Spring Final is a Counter-Strike tournament held yearly. This tournament brings together players to compete for a prize of over $425,000.

The event was the one of biggest counter strike events to be held in the UK in 2024. Many experienced players and teams travel from every part of the world to compete in this tournament. At the beginning of summer on 12-16 June 2024, the Blast Premier Spring Final was held in OVO Arena Wembley with eight teams taking part and Team Spirit won.

On the first two days of the event, it was played behind closed doors, but afterwards, it was played in front of a large crowd in the arena. In December, the separate World Final will take place and only those who qualify will participate.

Worlds 2024 Finals

Also known as LOL World Finals, this is the biggest esports event to happen in 2024. It is a League of Legends esports tournament that multiple players participate and compete in. In this tournament, 20 teams from around the world qualify.

The World Finals will be held at the 02 Arena in London, which is a famous location for all sorts of entertainment. This esports event is confirmed to kick off on 2 November 2024.

As the day draws closer, fans of LOL are looking forward to seeing their favourite team win.

“We are thrilled to bring the World Finals to the UK for the first time……we were blown away by the passion and energy from fans and we are eager to welcome them to the 02 where our finalists will take the same stage as the many icons who preceded them”, Naz Aletaha, the Global Head of Riot Games said.


There are many more major esports and gaming events that have been and will be held, and with this, we can agree that the city of London has established itself as a home for gaming and sports culture. You don’t have to worry about having fun as a sports enthusiast in London because you can be sure there are many events you can attend to explore to have a great experience.

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