Entertaining, Interesting and Quirky Places to Visit in London

The historic city of London is one of the most iconic destinations worldwide. With many people coming from far and wide to visit the very place where the United Kingdom’s famous monarchs have resided, the city has a wide array of entertaining, interesting and quirky places to visit. Although many people are now looking to broaden their horizons in regard to holiday and day trip locations, London is still one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, welcoming over 40 million tourists per year.

With the city having plenty of choice on offer for where to go, what to see and what to do, we’re going to highlight a few of the capital’s most unique spots.


Located in the West End of London, Soho has a wide array of different events and activities on offer to keep everybody entertained on their trip to the British capital. The historic streets of Soho are full of life at all stages of the day with food and drink, nightlife and shopping experiences all available within close proximity to each other.

Shaftesbury Theatre, one of the West End’s most iconic spots, presents a wonderful option for those looking to enjoy some entertainment either before or after browsing the shops for the very best that Oxford and Regent street have to offer. Moreover, with countless dining establishments all within walking distance, the streets of Soho are packed with everything capable of keeping you immersed in London’s West End.

The Empire Casino

Away from the shopping side of London, the city has a whole host of eye-catching opportunities for those looking to enjoy some more high-end entertainment. For fans of classic casino gaming, The Empire Casino is one of those must-visit spots. Like many traditional casinos, The Empire allows visitors to engage in traditional games such as blackjack, roulette, slots and many more along with also enjoying food, drink, and their various different experiences which range from cocktail classes to birthday packages.

However, in order to participate in the poker games, players must ensure that they make a full buy-in upon joining the table, while games such as roulette offer a wealth of different betting options. While such requirements can seem fairly complex to new players, they’re unlikely to be unfamiliar to online casino players. As platforms such as Betfair offer prospective users a wide range of different games with various incentive-based promotions, the minimum wager requirements must be met for the casino bonus to become available to players, while there are several options that will help you learn the different rules when it comes to table games. As a result of this, the rules at The Empire Casino are merely a step up for many online casino players.

The Attendant

Perhaps the quirkiest spot on our list is located in the area of Fitzrovia. The Attendant has several cafes scattered around the city, but this particular destination was previously used as a toilet during the Victorian era. While London has many options where you can enjoy a spot of lunch or light refreshments, The Attendant is undoubtedly one of the most unique dining establishments within the city, and they roast their own coffee beans too. Moreover, with the cafe being open every single day of the week, visitors won’t be left disappointed as there is no need to fear that they may be closed.

Vast Array of Choice

As expected with a city as rich in culture as London, there are so many wonderful places to visit. From Soho’s shops and theatres to The Empire Casino and the quirky Attendant cafe, there is more than enough to keep everybody entertained.

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