Top 6 CBD E-Liquids for 2019

Vape juices with CBD oil, instead of nicotine, are seeing a big rise today.

Vaping is a fast and efficient way to start feeling the positive health benefits of CBD – the non-psychoactive component of the cannabis plant. Early signs show that CBD has the ability to provide many of the medicinal benefits of marijuana, such as pain relief, relief from anxiety and sleep aid, without getting you high.

That’s why it might be worth trying CBD as an alternative, or supplement to normal nicotine-based vapes. Many people enjoy CBD in their vapes as it helps them relax. There are also ways to do this where it doesn’t break the bank, for example, provides coupons for CBD.

Here are 5 of the very best CBD e-liquids you can get today.

1. Koi CBD

Koi CBD sets the standard for CBD vapes, in terms of both taste and CBD quality.

To start with, from any CBD oil you want only the best CBD. Koi’s products are made with 100% natural CBD, and their juices contain only food-grade additives. They also have a commitment to traceability, with independent lab tests available to view online.

To top that off, they have a great range of flavours, where many CBD juices come up short. As well as their flavourless White Koi, there are 6 unique flavours to choose from, including the strawberry milkshake Red Koi, and the vanilla caramel custard Gold Koi.

Koi’s juices are great value too. If you’re looking for a CBD vape to start out with, look no further than Koi.

2. CBDfx

As well as a line of CBD additives, designed to be mixed in with regular vape juice, CBDfx has a pre-mixed range of juice called the Vape Series, which are now one of the industry leaders in CBD vapes.

The line of fruity flavours CBDfx offers are intense, stunningly authentic, and go great with a CBD base. The pick of the bunch is either the sweet and milky Fruity Cereal, or the intense Blue Raspberry.

3. Hemp Bombs

Hemp Bombs’ line of flavours puts most other brands of CBD e-liquids to shame. Their range has something for everyone, including Arctic Spearmint Blast, Whipped Marshmallow Dream and even Glazed Chocolate Donut!

The company uses only the best practices of hemp sourcing and CBD extraction, ensuring both their CBD retains all its health benefits, and liquids don’t have any nasty CBD aftertaste. Their bundle option allows vapers to stock up on several different flavours, and enjoy a super affordable CBD liquid.

4. Blue Moon Hemp

Blue Moon Hemp is well-known for their clean, pure CBD, as well as a great range of flavour options.

By using a CO2 extraction method and sourcing top-quality organic hemp, they ensure the CBD offered in every one of their products is the very best. That allows you to enjoy their funky flavours with zero qualms.

They offer an unflavored “Pure” version alongside their fresh, unique flavour combos such as Flan, BlackKat and RedDevil. Your taste buds will want to test out their entire range.

5. Avida CBD

Avida doesn’t set out to do too much. Instead, they make sure all the basics of a great CBD vape juice are there. Transparent production and business practices, high-quality CBD, and excellent service are just a few of their calling cards.

And while they don’t offer the range of flavours that many others do, the ones they do have are intense and immensely enjoyable. Blue Razz, Berry Grape and Manga Mango are all sweet and flavoursome, while their flavourless blend makes a great addition to your regular vape.

6. Zamnesia

Zamnesia oils are derived from top-quality EU hemp plants – CBD extract is refined with carrier oils such as extra virgin olive oil or hemp seed oil to provide a clean and discreet experience.

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