Easy Tips For Masking The Age Of Your Vehicle

The old saying is true; age really is just a number. Still, there are many reasons to mask the age of your vehicle. Whether you would rather feel more pride around your vehicle or feel less embarrassed driving it into work, there is no shame in acting.

Unfortunately, the number one reason people are ashamed of their car in the UK is the vehicle being aged. It’s a circumstance that can almost feel inescapable, too, especially as purchasing new and used cars becomes more expensive.

Remember that it’s illegal to claim your car is younger than it is. However, it is not against the law to make its age a little harder to discern at a casual glance. Here are some easy tips to help you with that.


Purchase Private Plates

The original number plate can help you tell the age of the car. Some of these numbers often pertain to when the car was made.

By searching for and buying a perfect private plate, these concerns are eliminated entirely. You can’t put a newer plate on the car unless it is dateless. Instead of the original registration, you can have your birthday or your initials put on there instead. Alternatively, you could feature those of your loved ones. Either way, your vehicle is imbued with more significant meaning. At the same time, the true age of your vehicle is not signposted for all to see at a glance.

Regtransfers also have their own number plate builder, an online tool that enables you to select the numbers and letters you want to appear on your plate. After your choices are made, you can preview them, giving you a more accurate idea of how it will all look.


Tweak the Sound

As people get older, grunts and groans can be heard just when getting up. Cars can similarly make a few noise complaints as they start to depreciate and decline.

While a good clean can make a car more vibrant, stuttering and other curious sounds can reveal the truth about your car’s age. Tuning the engine, replacing the outer CV joint, and swapping the axle assembly can reduce unwelcome sounds. Replacing belts and water pumps may also give different aspects of your vehicle a more crisp noise when in use.

Additionally, ensure you don’t go overboard, as you may encounter difficulties in certain UK regions if you’re too much of a rowdy motorist. Moreover, you should always consult a professional on these matters if you’re inexperienced. Still, it might be that, with a few changes, your car can sound sharp and fresh once more.


Clean with Attention to Detail

Many car owners might respray their vehicles to give them a more youthful appearance. Nevertheless, the devil is in the details with these types of efforts.

Clean the inner and outer trim of your car. Use a small brush to banish dirt joins and car controls. Use heat to treat the faded plastic and make it darker once again. Don’t forget to clean your headlights and replace the centre caps on any alloy wheels for a rejuvenated look.
Remember, car enthusiasts will spot smaller things. Going over your car with a fine-toothed comb will ensure you hoodwink everybody regarding your car’s age.

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