Easy house storage hacks

If you’re seemingly forever running out of space or need to create more room there are many inventive and simple ways to reclaim more living area; some involve expense and some don’t.

Ideas for storage:

Outdoor and garage

If you have no garage but would like one, or you do have one but would rather convert it for alternative use but still need secure storage for your valuable car or boat, then a durable metal prefabricated garage resistant to extreme weather could be the solution.

This same space could act as an area to archive little used paperwork and other items and free up space indoors. For example, documents that have to be kept for a minimum of time under IRS (Internal Revenue Service) rules such as old tax records could be kept safe and secure and wouldn’t perish.


It’s easy for the kitchen to become cluttered; a way to save countertop space is to hang more from the wall such as a receptacle to hold frequently used items like wooden spoons and a spice rack.

Attaching hooks to the underside of existing shelving or kitchen cabinets to hang mugs gets them up and away from countertops. The same applies to creating easy access to commonly used pots and pans – arrangements of shelving and hooks is a favorite way for some interior designers to maximize space in smaller kitchens.

Living areas

Furniture designed to do double duty as storage is worth considering, especially with items taking up a lot of space such as sofas; if they can also store items then the space is at least being used twice.

Storage ottomans are handy; they can keep items such as the plethora of remote controls most people seem to acquire away from general surfaces and out of sight when not needed.

The same applies to certain chest designs; they’re designed for seating but lift up easily to provide storage space.

Wall mounting large screen televisions frees up some floor space. Some even wall mount their bicycle; this perhaps works in a funky environment where it could almost look like a deliberate part of the decor and design, adding personality to your home – but it stops the bike cluttering a hallway and keeps it secure when not in use.


sing clear plastic containers for shoes stops them being strewn over the floor and makes them easy to identify.

Beds with storage underneath such as the platform design are a good way of maximizing space, but if you don’t have one adapting your present bed is easy and effective. Using bed risers or attaching legs to the frame creates storage space underneath.

Cross-use of space

Maybe there’s plenty of space in the lounge but little in the kitchen; one way round this is to store kitchen items such as larger pots, pans and crockery in the lounge using a cupboard with solid doors that would suit the lounge decor.


While putting up shelves is in itself an obvious way of storing items, certain sitings of shelving can eke out more space and even add to the decor and add character. For example, shelves outside rooms above the door are catching on.

Unusual shaped shelving is another option particularly in, say, a quirky home office or child’s bedroom. Various unusual shapes, such as hexagonal for example, can be used.

Saving space can enhance the design

Along with the practicalities of saving space, creating more room can also be turned into a design feature as this interior designer’s small yet stylish apartment in London, UK shows.

While some space saving hacks may require an investment many don’t – or the investment is minuscule.

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