Congestion Tax: Do I Need To Pay To Drive My Range Rover Hybrid Around London?

London’s Congestion Charge has been controversial since it was introduced, and whether or not it is an effective way to reduce traffic and pollution is still a contentious topic.

One of the big questions many drivers in London have is whether or not they actually need to pay. There are many Congestion Charge exceptions, but you need to be careful because if you don’t pay and you should, then you could face a hefty fine.

Are Hybrid Cars Excepempt From Paying The Congestion Charge?

Hybrid cars are not completely exempt from the congestion charge, but currently, they are given a discount. As such, if you drive a hybrid car, even a large one like a Range Rover, you’ll still save money when driving through the Congestion Charge Zone.

However, from the beginning of 2021, plug-in hybrid cars will no longer receive a discount, so you might need to consider alternative options in the future.

What Can Drivers Do?

If you’ve got to drive through the Congestion Charge Zone, and you want to save money, then there’s still time. Discounts are still available for plug-in hybrids until next year, so you can drive one until then.
Consider taking out a Range Rover Sport hybrid lease too, so you can enjoy a discount for the rest of the year, and then explore alternative options in the future. Leasing your Range Rover Sport hybrid is also an ideal solution for anyone who is unsure about whether this is the right car for their lifestyle.

What Else Can You Drive?

Once the new rules come into force, you’ll still be able to get a discount on your Congestion Charge fees, but only if you ditch the plug-in hybrid. Instead, you could try driving a two-wheel motorcycle, as these vehicles are completely exempt from paying the charge.

Some other low-emission cars, such as completely electric vehicles, will remain exempt from the Congestion Charge, so you could consider buying or leasing one of these innovative cars. They offer a myriad of benefits to the environment, but they can cause challenges for drivers, as they need charging regularly and you might not always be able to find a port to top up your battery with.

What If I Love My Range Rover?

If you’ve got your heart set on driving a Range Rover, hybrid or otherwise, then you’ll have to pay the full Congestion Charge from 2021 when driving through the zone. If your car is a registered NHS vehicle or is used by a disabled person, then it will be exempt from the charge no matter what type of vehicle it is, but otherwise, your Range Rover will have to pay the entire fee.

To avoid paying the fee, you’ll need to ensure that when you’re driving your Range Rover in London, you don’t drive through the Congestion Charge Zone. There are many apps that will help you to navigate around the zone, or you could just use a map to plan your journey before you start.

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