5 Things to Consider When Picking a University

If you’re looking to go into higher education, it’s important that you find a university that caters to your needs. Choosing the right university will be one of the biggest decisions that you make in life, and will have an influence on your professional endeavours. Finding the right course and establishment can be overwhelming, however, so here are five things to consider before making your final decision.


If you like your home comforts, and don’t want to venture far, it may be wise to a pick a university that is close to home. For those who like adventure and want to explore, picking a university in another county may be more appealing. If you live with your parents and are ready to fly the nest, moving somewhere else in the country, or world, can be a great way to meet new people, explore different cultures and take in new sights.


Similar to the first point, you need to ask yourself whether you would feel more comfortable in a smaller town or a big city. When thinking about location, it’s important that you pick a university that you feel at home in. While some students prefer a slower pace of life, others like the bright lights of a major city, so taking time to decide on what kind of surrounding will suit you can help make the decision process easier. If you choose a university for example, in West London, you’ll also want to look into things to do in West London to see if it is going to be somewhere you are happy to live in while you study.

Course Content

The next step is to decide upon the kind of course you wish to study, as well as the areas that you want to concentrate on within that subject. Most universities have a broad range of course content and reading lists, so it’s advised to check out the previous year’s curriculum so you can get a better understanding of whether the course is right for you. A comprehensive list of UK Universities can be explored on websites like University Compare. You’ll be able to find out average entry tariffs and the estimated graduate salary from many universities UK, so make sure to use guides like this prior to making a decision.


Another important thing to consider when choosing a university is the overall cost. If you decide to stay at home, you’re far more likely to spend less than you would if you study in another part of the country or overseas. Course fees, accommodation costs, and day to day living will soon add up, so make sure that you enquire about student finance to see if you’re eligible for funding. To find out how much you could get visit: https://www.sofi.com/student-loan-calculator/


Whether you need it or not, having a support team available to you as a student can be a huge help during your time at university. Most universities have student unions and a support team who specialize in course materials, financing, and mental health. It’s vital that you look after your mental health throughout your course, so having a specialist team available for guidance and advice is important.

If you’re still struggling to find a university that matches your criteria, there are open days that you can attend which can give you a much better feel for the campus. Going to university is a big decision that should never be taken lightly, so taking all the things above into account can help you find an establishment and course that suits you.

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