Cocoon launches new ‘bed in a box’ mattress and online Sleep Squad

It’s official—this summer has been a sleep washout, with a third of Londoners saying it’s the worst they can remember for getting a good night’s rest. Humidity, Brexit anxiety, heightened pollen levels and being generally uncomfortable means the capital’s slumberers have been tossing and turning from June to September.

Now help is at hand for all those insomniacs, as the Cocoon Sleep Squad is hitting the streets with everything from sheep to count and choirs singing lullabies to bringing new mattresses to restless Londoners as the Indian Summer continues!

“Our research has shown that the humidity this summer has been the main culprit for night-time wakefulness, followed by frazzled children, nocturnal pets and noisy neighbours, which is why we’ve decided to do our bit to help the nation catch up on some ZZZs with our sleep squad,” said spokeswoman Hayley Parle.

When it comes to getting some shut eye, almost a fifth of Londoners said they read a book, one in seven of us turn on tablets or phones and almost 10 per cent swear by having a bedtime bonk!

Oddly, one in 20 still try the traditional method of counting sheep to drop off, while a more modern five per cent get up make a brew or have a fag.
In fact, a quarter of us just give up trying to snooze altogether, which is why the Cocoon Sleep Squad is here to help the nation get back to sleep.

To immediately join the ranks of sleep-satisfied Londonerzzz by calling in the Cocoon Sleep Squad, tweet them @CocoonSleepUK or visit and use #needanewmattress to be in with a chance to win the new Cocoon from Tempur Sealy—a bed in a box—or to have them drop by to fix all your sleep woes with a surprise!

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