Bingo’s Big Role in Shaping the Community

Building a better society while having fun

With the increasing popularity of bingo, this game commonly played by the elderly to alleviate their boredom and to socialise, has evolved into a useful tool to help us shape our communities. It has become an avenue for people to express their support for charitable organisations like Henry County Humane Society an animal shelter, to help them raise funds to support their daily operations. The game has also touched the online gaming community with their appealing rewards, making these sites one of the highly visited pages on the web. But, in what other ways does this card game touch our daily lives in helping us build a stronger society? Below, we’ll highlight three most recognizable roles that the bingo plays in the lives of modern players.

Encourages social interaction and helps build friendships

The game of bingo, whether it is the 90-ball or the 75-ball, promotes social interaction between players whether they choose to play in actual bingo halls or via online communities. According to FoxyBingo, “if more than one player completes a pattern the same time, the jackpot value will be shared between the winning players.” This encourages healthy competition amongst players. These seemingly fleeting interactions lead to a better game experience and can encourage the building of long-term friendships amongst enthusiasts that extend even outside of the game circle.

Supports charity

One of the best examples of this is called Bingo for Life in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The proceeds from these games are donated to the Friends for Life Society, a non-profit organization that offers therapies for those with life-threatening illnesses.

In the United Kingdom, the London Bridge Hospital held a Charity Bingo Night last year to raise money for local charity – Connect. This charity works with people who are suffering from communication disability or aphasia after a stroke.

Solidifies existing bonds

According to a report on SWNS, British born actor Catherine Zeta-Jones is one of the top celebrities who enjoys playing this card game. The article stated that the lovely Mrs. Douglas uses it to spread the holiday cheer to friends using custom-made cards.

Another celebrity who uses this to while the time away is Sadie Frost. A 2011 article in Vogue said, that she enjoys Saturdays cooking lunch and playing bingo with their loved ones.

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