Benefits of choosing a human hair wig

If you’ve decided that the time is right to invest in a new wig, or if you’ve just started wearing wigs for the first time, then the biggest decision you will have to make is whether to choose a human hair wig or a synthetic wig. Both options pose a varied list of pros and cons but, if budget allows, most experts will agree that human hair wigs are by far the superior option. Here are just some of the benefits of choosing human hair wigs over synthetic ones:

Human Hair Wigs Are Easy to Style

One of the main benefits of choosing a human hair wig is that they can be styled in much the same way as natural human hair. That means that if you want to perm, colour, or completely change the style of your wig then this is much easier to achieve with a natural wig than with a synthetic one. That doesn’t mean you should attempt to colour or perm your wig at home though: if you want to change the style of your hair piece then you should always take it to a professional hairdresser who has experience in working with wigs, to ensure that you don’t damage it.

Human Hair Wigs Are Long Lasting

The biggest factor in how long your wig will last (regardless of whether you choose a human hair or synthetic option) is how well you take care of it, but human hair wigs are incredibly durable and tend to last much longer than their synthetic counterparts. Even if you are wearing your human hair wig on a daily basis, if you take the time to wash, style and care for it properly your wig can expect your wig to last for around 12 months. Because human hair wigs last longer than their synthetic counterparts, this can help to balance the original additional outlay of choosing the more expensive human hair option.

Human Hair Wigs Aren’t Shiny

When deciding whether or not wearing a wig is the right choose for them, many new wig wearers are put off because synthetic wigs can often look unnaturally shiny and glossy. However human hair wigs don’t have this problem, because their texture and tone is exactly the same as natural hair. In fact, human hair wigs look so much like natural hair that most people won’t even notice that you’re wearing a wig at all!

Human Hair Wigs Look Natural

Finally, it stands to reason that a human hair wig will look and behave just like natural hair, meaning that it will be difficult for anyone to tell that you are wearing a wig at all. Whilst many synthetic wig manufacturers, such as Amore Wigs, pride themselves on the incredible quality, texture, and durability of their monofilament hair and it is very difficult to tell that they are not natural, these wigs will not have the natural movement and shape of a human hair wig.

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